About Us

Founded by avid runners, Treadmill Stone is designed to provide unbiased, honest treadmill reviews on what we think are some of the best treadmills available today. Our mission is to help you find your new running buddy wherever it may be! The team at Treadmill Stone understands how important your purchase is and wants to ensure that you get what’s best for you!

Our team is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, online and offline. We know that it can seem overwhelming to make a decision with so many treadmill options in the market. But if you organize the information and review it in a clear manner, it can be easy to choose.

We give an overview of the most popular brands and hundreds of treadmills that can be used at home or in commercial gyms. We try to be as objective as possible when writing our reviews, and our opinions are ours alone and not those of the manufacturer or any other third party.

And what’s more, our blog offers advice on getting and staying fit, including treadmill exercise tips and weight loss motivation.

Our Mission: Treadmill Stone’s goal is to provide you up-to-date and the most accurate information on the latest treadmills available in the market so that consumers can make an educated decision when purchasing a treadmill.

How we do it: Before any article is published on Treadmill Stone, we go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that every post is factually correct and thoroughly researched.

What’s next: To continue doing what we do – helping our readers in every way possible. We’re happy to assist you with any questions you may have or treadmill that you wish to review.

Meet Our Team

Abbie Roberts (Founder, Treadmill Expert, Editor-in-Chief)

Abbie Roberts is a treadmill expert here at TreadmillStone.com! Abbie has been working in the fitness industry for over 14 years and has worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and fitness sales consultant. Her experience and knowledge of treadmills are unparalleled.  One of her passions is helping people discover their potential both with fitness and wellness. In her spare time, she loves to change up her routine by playing tennis, running, or enjoying summer days out on the water.

Noah Holmes (Lead Reviewer)

Noah writes most of the treadmill reviews on our website. Noah has always had an interest in sport, mainly football, and basketball but has played many more sports over his life. He graduated from high school with honors before moving to the university where he studied. After university Noah went to work in the fitness industry and has been writing ever since.

Bella George

Bella works with Noah in writing many of our treadmill reviews and helps to edit our draft reviews before they are published online. She also has an interest in sport, mainly football but also studying dance and playing on a local adult basketball team. From a young age, she was into competitive gymnastics after being inspired by one of her teachers.

Joseph Hall 

Joseph is a health and fitness writer specializing in strength training, exercise routines, diet plans, weight loss, and supplements. He’s also an avid cyclist who loves sharing his passion for fitness with others through his articles.

Clay Byers

Clay is a marketing analyst for several different companies over the years. Nathan has always been passionate about helping people reach their physical potential.