How Much Electricity Does an Elliptical Machine Use?

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At full force, an elliptical will draw 12 to 20-AMPS, less than a refrigerator but enough to require its designated circuit. By using a dedicated circuit, you avoid ruining your new elliptical machine.

So how much electricity does an elliptical machine use? If you are in pretty good shape, you might be able to develop about 100 watts continuously for the entire hour. That’s 100 watt-hours of energy or 0.1 kilowatt-hours. The elliptical machine will turn all of that into heat; about 10 or 20 cents worth.

What Factors Determine the Electricity Consumption of an Elliptical?

The motor type and scale mostly determine the elliptical’s power consumption. But it also depends on your weight, incline, resistance level, and duration of the workmanship.


When calculating energy, you must take into account the individual’s weight, as the heavier the person working at the elliptical, the more energy the machine consumes.

Because the workload of a 68-kg person differs from that of a 120-kg person, the machine will require more effort.

Incline and Resistance Level

High-end elliptical trainers often have an incline option that’s digitally adjustable and raises up the whole front of the machine. Some models have a manual adjustment that has to be set before the workout. Changing incline changes which muscles are targeted.

With resistance and incline adjustments, you can easily customize your elliptical workout to meet your fitness and calorie goals. While increasing either of these levels will boost the intensity of your exercise, they both work in different ways.

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Higher the resistance level and incline, more electricity will be consumed.


As you can see, an elliptical machine is not an effective drain on the energy account of your house.

You can opt for a manual model that does not plug in an outlet to make it even more energy efficient.

Whatever kind of workstation you have, the most important thing is that you use it as much as you can.