Top 7 Best Heavy-Duty Treadmills for Obese and Overweight People

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Are you obese and wish to reduce your weight at the comfort of home? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article provides all necessary information to be known while choosing a home-suitable treadmill for obese people.

It presents an overview of the top 7 models that make a good fit. Following this, a couple of questions dealing with treadmills for overweighing persons is presented, and the article is concluded by presenting our best model.

Why Use a Durable Treadmill for Heavy and Overweight People?

Being heavy and overweight poses many health challenges and drives the person into a lethargic cycle, affecting both mental and physical states. To get rid of this, it is necessary to maintain an optimal level of fitness.

Working on the treadmill is one of how this can be achieved. Treadmill exercises help the runner to lose weight by shedding those extra calories. The shedding of extra mass is achieved by burning the fat accumulated in the body.

Besides, treadmill workout sessions also help to strengthen the muscles of its users. This helps in toning the body to attain a better shape while becoming strong from within. The offered health benefits are many.

However, to leverage the benefits to their full potential, it is necessary to maintain regularity in the pattern. Adherence to a dedicated plan, when maintained over the prescribed period, is surely going to benefit overweight individuals in attaining a better healthy lifestyle.

Why Should You Run on Heavy-Duty Treadmills?

Heavy-duty treadmills are a critical necessity when it comes to overweighing obese people. This is because they will be tailor-made to meet the special demands laid down by overweighing users, unlike others.

First and foremost, heavy-duty treadmills are built with high-quality materials. This is necessary as they are expected to handle heavy weights while performing at full potential but still last long in an appreciable condition.

Next, they are required to maintain high stability and security when obese people work on them. These machines are thus designed with an extra-large running area that is preferably lower in height to make them spacially comfortable.

Further, they are required to possess a strong belt and motor that can support full-fledged use of the machine for versatile exercise activities. Other machines usually lack this feature and are thus unsuitable to be used by heavy personnel.

Top Best High Weight Capacity Treadmill for Big and Heavy People

Horizon 7.8 AT – Best High-End Treadmill with 350 lbs User Weight Capacity

Horizon 7.8 AT is another heavy-duty treadmill that suits the use of people who weigh up to a maximum of 350 pounds. Its running belt is 60 inches in length and 22 inches in width, which is the same as that in the case of Horizon 7.4AT.

It is a foldable design that is operated based on the hydraulic system. Its motor is 4 HP powered and can operate at a maximum speed of 12 mph. The incline positions can be set up to a maximum of 15o with a press of a button, right while exercising.

The model comes with 10 built-in programs, including Sprint 8 session that imparts high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Besides, the model is compatible with many other third-party workout programs that ensure novelty each time you start.

The major upgrade between Horizon 7.8AT and 7.4AT models is the display panel, which is made easy to read and more intuitive in the former in comparison to the latter. Apart from this, other features like Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitor, and audio speakers remain comparable.


  • Includes a full-color display screen
  • Supports on-the-fly speed and incline control
  • It is compatible with multiple fitness apps
  • Hydraulic operated foldable design


  • Lacks built-in programming feature
  • Demands the use of your own tablet
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Exerpeutic TR1000 – Best Budget High Weight Capacity Treadmill

Exerpeutic TR1000 is a home treadmill designed to be used by obese people, weighing a maximum of 400 pounds. It has a low-power 1.5 HP motor that can operate at the highest speed of 4 mph. This makes the machine ideal for walking, although not for vigorous exercises.

Its deck measures 20 inches in width and 40 inches in length. It has 18-inch long handrails that increase the level of comfort while you run on the extra-large area. Besides, these features cater to the most important expectations: stability, safety, and security.

The incline of the machine can be set to two different positions manually. The speed increments can be accomplished in steps of 0.1 mph. It is constructed to facilitate storage and portability as it is characterized by the foldable frame and transport-aiding wheels.

Furthermore, the equipment comes with many attractive features like heart pulse pads, a large LCD, a 5-year warranty for the motor, a 1-year warranty for the frame, optimal padding for the deck, and an efficient shock absorption system.


  • Imbibes a sturdy and durable design
  • It operates almost noiselessly
  • Possesses high weight handling capacity
  • Incorporates a large running area


  • It does not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is not ideal for performing rigorous workouts
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LifeSpan TR4000i – Best 400 lbs Capacity Treadmill for Heavy Person

LifeSpan TR4000i is a treadmill that can be used in the comfort of home by heavy weighing people. It also supports a maximum weight of 400 pounds, just like our first model, Exerpeutic TR1000, but imbibes a much strong motor.

The power of its motor is about 3.25HP and has an upper-speed limit of 12 mph. It has a large deck that is 60 inches in length and 20 inches in width. Its frame is made of steel and robotically built. This makes it sturdy and heavily durable.

The inclination of the machine can be set to 13 different positions in inclination mode and to 2 different positions in terms of decline. This adds great versatility to the machine aiding in the performance of a wide range of exercises from simple to intensified.

Besides these, it comes with 21 built-in exercise programs to aid in weight loss, and an adequately padded deck to elevate the comfort level, Bluetooth speakers, 8 compression shocks that minimize the stress on the joints, a USB charger, and a touch screen enabled LCD panel.


  • Supports numerous inclination positions
  • Operates almost noiselessly
  • Versatile built-in programs
  • 5 years long warranty for parts and lifetime warranty for frame


  • Bluetooth adaptor is not included in the package
  • It is quite heavy and not easily portable
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Sole F85 – Best Smart 400 Pounds Weight Capacity Treadmill

Sole F85 is a treadmill that is specially designed for obese people who wish to work out in the comfort of their homes. It can handle a maximum weight of 400 pounds and is durable due to its all-steel construction body.

Its motor has a capacity of 4 HP and can work at a maximum weight of 12 mph. Its running area spans 22 inches in length and 60 inches in width. The inclination of the machine can be electrically set up to 15o, varying in 1o.

There is a flex suspension system to minimize the shock waves from reaching your body parts. 9 preset exercise programs, Bluetooth compatibility, speakers, audio port, and headphone jack are all fitted into the model.

Besides, there is a tablet holder, USB port, cooling fan, heart rate monitoring system, pulse grips, a large display panel, chest strap, 14 quick keys, extra accessories tray, 5 years warranty for the motor, and a 1-year warranty for its parts.


  • Inclination setting is electrical
  • Offers switch-controlled upright foldable design
  • Customizable in terms of User Defined Programs
  • Includes a wireless heart rate monitor


  • It is not very budget-friendly
  • It does not support USB connectivity
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Sole TT8 – 425 lbs Capacity Treadmill

Sole TT8 is a home-cum-commercial suitable treadmill that can be used by obese people weighing a maximum of 425 pounds. Its running surface is very spacious and measures 22 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Its motor has a power of 4 HP and can operate at a maximum speed of 12 mph. The machine can be set to 15 different positions of incline and 6 different positions of decline. This helps in efficient mimicking of uphill and downhill movements.

The tread track of Sole TT8 measures 22 inches in width and 60 inches in length. It is of very high-quality, 4-layered, fitted with 3-inch crowned rollers, and self-lubricating. Also, it supports personalization in the form of user-designable custom routines in addition to 10 preset programs.

This machine offers Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with fitness apps like FitBit and MyFitnessPal. Furthermore, there is a USB connection port, tablet holder, built-in Bluetooth audio speakers, a large LCD panel, a 5-year warranty on its parts, and 2 years of in-home labor.

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  • Higher weight handling capacity
  • It has a spacious wide running area
  • Numerous built-in workout programs
  • High-quality, robust construction


  • It is a non-foldable design
  • Offers no Bluetooth connectivity
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Horizon 7.4 AT – Best Durable Treadmill for Obese People with High User Weight Capacity

Horizon 7.4 AT high capacity treadmill is powered by a 3.5 HP motor and can operate at a maximum speed of 12 mph. It can support a maximum weight of 325 pounds and is characterized by a 60-inch long 22-inch wide running belt that facilitates its use by tallest and heavier users.

Its frame is rugged and is featured with 3-zone variable response cushioning. The inclination of this 325 lbs weight capacity treadmill can be set to the highest value of 15 degrees. These ensure maximum stability, durable design, and versatility in the workout.

It comes with a Bluetooth wireless chest strap that can readily monitor your heart rate as you shed your extra calories. Further, the machine is compatible with various running apps in addition to an in-built Sprint 8 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program. It is also a Zwift-certificated treadmill.

Adding to these, the model imbibes a display console, water bottle holder, cooling fan, Bluetooth speakers, multi-position tablet holder, and an audio in/out jack. Moreover, the model offers a lifetime warranty for its frame, 2 years for its parts, and 5 years for its motor.


  • It is compatible with numerous fitness apps
  • Imbibes one-step hydraulic folding mechanism
  • Offers optimal 3-level variable cushioning
  • It is fitted with many one-touch key controls


  • Has a comparatively lesser number of touch-screen controls
  • Does not support onboard programming feature
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Do You Need a Treadmill Mat for Carpet?

Yes, a treadmill mat is an absolute necessity if you are planning to use your equipment on the carpet. The demand is driven by the very nature of the carpet that contains loosely held multiple fabric strands extending above the surface.

The treadmill is composed of many moving parts like its belt, motor, and rollers. When in use, the machine creates vibrations and noise that cause agitation in its surrounding. Now, if the treadmill is placed on the carpet, then this causes the fine carpet strands and the dust particles to float.

There is a huge probability that these suspended particles might enter into the treadmill from its lower opening. This poses a threat to its moving parts by increasing friction that, in turn, increases the wear and tear of the parts, affecting the functionality of the overall system.

The treadmill mat, when placed over the carpet, pushes its fibers down and ensures proper aeration for the treadmill. The result will be long-lived mobile parts of the treadmill that demand the least maintenance and service.

Also, the treadmill mat placed between the treadmill and the carpet prevents damage to the carpet both from pressure and the debris of the treadmill. This helps you maintain the beauty of your carpet intact for a longer duration.

How Much Should I Spend on a High User Weight Capacity Treadmill for Big and Tall Persons?

The amount that needs to be spent on the treadmill is a personal choice rather than a general criterion. It is subjective and is decided by a variety of factors driven by need, capability, and area of application.

The cost associated with the treadmill equipment varies greatly depending on the features offered. The higher the sophistication, the greater the price will be. In general, you can get moderately sophisticated equipment by spending in the range of $1500 to $3000.

The ones that are at the high-end offer better cushioning, larger LCD panels, numerous incline and decline positions, robust frame, spacious running area, higher weight handling capacity, high-quality moving parts, advanced, intuitive controls, and better safety features.

Besides, they also come with built-in exercise programs, third-party integration, Bluetooth integration facility, heart rate monitors, long years of warranty, easy feature selection mechanisms, an option for on-the-fly settings change, and others.

Besides, there are ergonomic frames built with features that facilitate their foldability and portability. This assures compact storage space and easy transportation without the need for additional personnel.

How Effective Is a High Weight Capacity Treadmill for Weight Loss?

Treadmills are gymnastic machines that support the accomplishment of versatile workouts. It can be used to perform jogging, walking, running, uphill, and downhill movements. These activities increase the rate of metabolism, burn body fats, and tone the muscles.

The result would be a strong and fit body with reduced mass. Those extra calories shed in the form of sweat bring your body to not only acceptable but an appreciable shape. The strength gained will get materialized in the form of good health.

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However, reaping of maximum benefits demands regular and consistent practice. Any standard exercise program that seems to serve the purpose can be followed on. Besides, you can even get the advice of your dedicated trainer or physician too.

One way to lose weight as you exercise over the treadmill is to meet a specific target heart rate that largely improves the rate of fat burning. Typically, the efficient fat-burning zone is 75 to 90% of your target heart rate zone, which is 60 to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Furthermore, more intense workouts like uphill and downhill movements offer better benefits in comparison to walking. However, if you are a beginner and prefer to be out of incline workouts, you can practice brisk walk instead of normal walking.

How Fast Can an Obese Person Lose Weight?

The pace with which an obese person, any person for that matter, can lose weight depends more on individual commitment rather than the equipment. More the perseverance, the better the results will be.

Of course, in the process, even machines are expected to offer complementary support. For instance, if you wish to intensify the workout sessions by setting an optimal inclination, then the requirement is to have treadmills that allow you to do so.

Next, if you are serious about losing considerable mass over a short period, then it is better to strictly follow a dedicated exercise plan. This is better than having random exercise sessions as the plans would be developed to meet a specific set of goals.

Generally, the higher the intensity of workouts, the greater the pace of losing weight. Similarly, the longer is the duration and the more is regularity, the quicker will be the shedding of body mass. But, care must be taken not to overdo anything. Do pay attention to the voice of your body!

In addition to these, it is important to note that to effectively lose weight, and fat people must also keep an eye on their calorie intake. If this is neglected, all the hard work done on the treadmill will go in vain.

What Is the Best Speed on the Treadmill to Burn Fat?

The best speed of the treadmill to burn fat cannot be generalized as there is no golden rule that fits all. The value is decided by the combination of an individual’s capacity and the support offered by the machine.

However, the rate of burning fat is directly proportional to the speed of the treadmill. On the same grounds, it can be said that you burn more fat when you work on the treadmill at a speed of, say, 8 mph (like in the running) against that you do when moving below 2 mph (as in walking).

Like in other cases, it is advisable to start working at a lower, comfortable speed. Although this does not contribute to significant mass shedding, it will help in gaining more control over the equipment and its features. This base work serves the best as you move towards your goal of burning fat.

A starting speed of 2 mph can be increased to 3 to 4 mph over a period of 3 to 7days. After gaining good control over this jogging rate, you can practice running at a low incline, say, at 3% with a speed of 5 mph.

At this stage, you would have started to burn the calories accumulated within the body. The rate can be increased gradually in comfortable steps to reach the maximum, as offered by the machine, and that can be tolerated by your body.

The Verdict: Which is the Best Treadmill for Obese People?

Sole F85 seems to be the best treadmill for obese people. As explained earlier, it is robustly constructed with an all-steel frame. It can easily handle overweighing personnel who aim at reducing their 400 pounds to a lower level.

Its motor capacity is quite attractive and operates noiselessly even when running at a high rate of 12 mph. The inclination varying over 15 degrees helps in adding the necessary versatility to your workout sessions.

Its advanced shock absorption system minimizes the stress on your joints while you run on its extra-large deck. The device can be folded and stored in a compact space when not in use.

Besides, the machine is long warrantied, characterized by intuitive controls, and imbibe programmability options. Having all these features, it is available at an affordable price. So, if you are planning to have a treadmill at your home, do consider Sole F85 in the first place!

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