7 Safety Tips for Using an Elliptical Machine in Your Home Gym

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An elliptical machine is one of the most popular fitness equipment at gyms and for home gym use.

The fame is primarily because these machines help burn ample calories—by combining various movements such as climbing the stairs and pedaling the cycle.

The beauty here is that using an elliptical is a good choice for rehabilitation and with injuries, as pressure is not applied on the joints.

One of the best features of an elliptical machine is its ability to strengthen and tone muscles and burn fat in an extremely simple manner.

Indeed, this is good news, but before getting on an elliptical and working out, understand the seven main safety tips that must be known. Else, there are higher probabilities for injuries.

Make Sure the Machine Is Assembled Perfectly

Some machines come completely assembled, while there are some which need to be assembled completely.

Whatever might be the case, it is necessary to ensure that the elliptical is assembled in the right way before hopping on it.

If there are any doubts in the assembly process, it is better to get the guidance of a professional.

Make sure that any loose parts, all the screws, nuts, and bolts are fitted accurately and remain tight for optimal operation.

Start Slowly and Increase Speed Gradually

Don’t sky-rocket the speed levels as soon as stepping on the elliptical. It is recommended to start the workout at a slow pace as this guarantees your safety.

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Warm up for around 5 minutes before increasing the speed levels.

Also, before finishing the workout, it is better to cool down for another five minutes before stopping the workout altogether.

Cooling down helps in relaxing the muscles after the strenuous training regime.

Keep Observing Console Values Frequently

The machine’s console is a projection of all the efforts done by the individual. Hence, having an eye on the console values is a great way to boost the spirit levels and exists as a self-motivating factor.

Monitor details about the heart rate, calories burned, time spent on the machine, and more by following up on the console metrics.

So, when there is an alarming number on the heart rate details, you could slow down and keep monitoring the numbers closely to stay safe.

Anytime when there is breathlessness, or you feel weak, it is better to stop immediately.

Don’t overdo beyond what’s possible and for this, listening to body cues is important.

Hold Onto the Handlebars Firmly

There are two types of handlebars provided on most elliptical models—fixed or moving.

Choose either according to workout needs but make sure that you hold onto either of them all the time to avoid balance-related issues and the injuries following such actions.

The elliptical handles are ergonomically designed to maintain the right body posture while exercising and help in staying safe.

But, if you don’t wish to hold onto them, it is recommended that the arms remain in a swinging motion to work out on the core muscles.

Maintain a Proper Form

Staying in the right form and keeping the body in an appropriate posture is the basic thumb rule for reaping maximum benefits from the fitness session.

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An elliptical is a simple machine, but don’t simply hop on it and start pedaling. Start slowly, keep the right form, and then move on to higher speed levels.

All through the workout, the core must be tight to avoid any hazardous injuries and to accommodate a safe workout session.

Stay Hydrated

At the gym or other fitness classes, we have commonly seen that individuals have a water bottle right beside them, and this is not without reason.

There are chances that sometimes, a feeling of dizziness or blurry vision might occur during the workout session. To tackle such problems, it is mandatory to drink water during regular intervals.

Never allow the body to become dehydrated during the workout, failing which any of these problems might immediately crop up. So, to curb all these issues, have a water bottle during the exercise session.

Listen to Body Cues

Above all, listen to what the mind and body prompt. Anytime there is a feeling of tiredness or breathlessness during the exercise session, it’s is 100% ok to take a break.

There are thousands of safety tips everywhere, but it is up to the individual finally.

So, always keep listening to your mind and body.

If you feel like stopping in between, do so. Safety is the highest priority above anything else.