Top 7 Best Hybrid Treadmills Review (Treadmill Elliptical Combo Machines)

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The best hybrid treadmills offer a new depth to the classic treadmill experience. For example, the Bowflex TreadClimbers are the most popular combo cardio machines, as they combine a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper into one machine.

What makes certain individuals favor hybrid treadmills? The major reason is that they provide a high-intensity exercise without requiring you to run or jog. A hybrid treadmill burns substantially more calories in the same length of time than a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or step machine.

In addition, these hybrid treadmills reduce stress on your knees and joints, making them an excellent choice for rehabilitation, elderly users, or anybody looking for a low-impact workout.

Treadmills for cross-training stimulate not only walking and running but also stair climbing and elliptical motions. It is possible to engage many muscles at once with a cross-training treadmill without experiencing the negative effects of a regular treadmill, such as knee discomfort.

Therefore, the treadmill combo machine is perfect for rehabilitation, senior citizens, runners, and walkers.

Any of the models listed here are excellent for a calorie-burning, sweat-inducing workout; the only decision you have to make is which one appeals to you the best.

Top 7 Best Hybrid Treadmill Combo Machines Review

ProForm Hybrid Cardio HIIT Trainer

The ProForm CardioHIIT is a piece of excellent hybrid combo cardio machine for achieving your fitness and body objectives. If you enjoy going to the gym or are a dedicated athlete who wants to get the most out of your training program, full-body HIIT exercise will appeal to you.

When you combine a 10-inch vertical trainer with all of the upper body actions used to stimulate steps during boxing, you will sweat more and burn more calories.

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is an energizing workout where you aim to place your 100 percent effort for a specific length of time. Don’t be scared! There are also short restorative periods.

Maintaining your heart rate throughout the activity will help you burn more calories and create greater stamina. The trainer gives you a full-body exercise without putting any strain on your joints. The Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro has a more vertical elliptical route than previous elliptical-stepper hybrids.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has swiftly become one of the world’s most popular and effective training methods. The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer professional is a machine designed for expert trainers looking to improve their fitness. Because HIIT workouts may be extremely taxing, it is not suggested for the elderly or children.

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SF-E3919 Hybrid Elliptical Machine from Sunny Health & Fitness

The SF-E3919 is one of the hybrid elliptical machines launched by Sunny Health & Fitness in late 2019. An elliptical stepper or a machine combines an elliptical trainer with a stepper, with a step and range of motion in between. It is, however, a trainer designed for home use that provides great durability and a sufficient range of functions.

This premium Cardio Climber is a stair climber/elliptical hybrid with an 8-level magnetic resistance program, long-lasting pedals, and a dashboard to measure all of the workout’s key data. It boasts a small and sturdy chassis with two handlebars and a pulse reading function. It’s excellent equipment for low- to high-intensity cardio exercises, muscular toning, endurance development, and weight loss. Overall, it provides good value for money.

The elliptical route of the SF-E3919 is almost totally vertical. Both rail bars of these pedals are set at a 45-degree angle, simulating the motion of an elliptical trainer with an inclination. The machine does not have an automated or manual inclination; both rail bars are stationary. Due to magnetic resistance, it does not require an external power supply.

Steel tube with a corrosion-resistant paint finish makes up the frame. The ABS coverings for the flywheel and other drive and resistance components, on the other hand, are made of plastic.

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Bowflex M8 2 in 1 Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is a mix between an elliptical and a stepper machine, wrapped into a compact form that gives you the best overall exercise.

It has 20 resistance levels, making it suitable for people of various fitness levels. The Bowflex Max Intelligence App is also included. It is based on artificial intelligence (AI) that analyzes your current fitness level and automatically suggests how to go to the next level and, eventually, your ultimate objective.

The Bowflex M8 was created with a variety of gym users in mind. The M8 will complement your objectives and skills, whether you’re seeking to get back into a fitness program after a long break or improve your present physical condition.

The Max Intelligence Platform may further improve your exercise experience by forcing you to work harder like a personal trainer every day at home, thanks to artificial intelligence technology that remembers every session. This low-impact machine helps you tone your body, burn calories, and reduce weight while having no negative impact on your joints.

Bowflex now provides a performance bundle that contains a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6′′, a treadmill mat, and an armband heart rate monitor for an extra fee.

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Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

To keep you in shape, the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T treadmill has elliptical-style grip bars. The 2.25 horsepower motor has a top speed of 10 mph. It’s made to offer you a workout for both your lower and upper body.

This Weslo treadmill boasts twin upper-body resistance arms to keep you active and pump. You’ll be fully engrossed in your training. Each stride is cushioned with Comfort Cell cushioning, which prevents painful, irritated, and aching joints and feet.

When you really want to push yourself, choose the inclination option to burn extra calories. You may also use the four predefined workouts for professional training. These workouts are particularly intended to help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness. To meet your fitness objectives, use the integrated thumb sensor to maintain your desired heart rate.

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NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer

The Nordictrack FS7i stair climber treadmill elliptical combination is an excellent choice for basic cardio and cross-training. At your home gym, this equipment, which functions as a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber, may provide something for everyone.

This adaptable gadget comes with a high price tag, so it’s not for everyone. However, when you consider that you are essentially purchasing three machines, it isn’t that awful. In a nutshell, this is a whole home gym in a box.

The FS7i is the last product in this roundup to be evaluated, but it is not the cheapest. It’s comparable to the fantastic FS9i model. However, it is a less expensive choice. This elliptical treadmill combination model has a 32-inch adjustable stride in addition to a 20-pound flywheel.

The 10 percent inclination is one of this model’s greatest features since it can be utilized to burn more calories than a standard hybrid treadmill. It combines the benefits of a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and a stepper into one piece of equipment.

With more aerodynamic handlebars, the FS7i FreeStride is a very effective resistance trainer. It’s also compatible with the iFit Coach app, which has a larger selection of fitness routines.

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Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber

This is a popular machine for a variety of reasons. The Bowflex TC100 is designed to deliver a low-impact workout with effective and efficient results. This top Bowflex innovation, which includes an elliptical treadmill, ushers in a new era of cardiovascular training equipment.

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 does exactly what it says on the box: it walks. It’s the ideal piece of equipment for any walker, especially if they’re searching for a low-cost alternative.

Get the most out of your treadmill, elliptical, and stair climber. The trainer works by having two independent treadles with moving belts. The up and down action of the treadles offers a unique training experience.

The Bowflex hybrid trainer, which can reach speeds of up to 4.0 mph, is excellent for walkers looking for a different way to exercise. The console features a handy USB port that allows you to operate your gadgets while exercising.

It comes with an interactive LCD display that allows up to two users to store profiles and measure calorie burn, distance, and speed. In the console area, you’ll find a set of cup holders as well as a holder for your tablet and smartphone. Contact grip sensors are also installed on the handlebars.

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It’s 2.5 times better than a regular elliptical trainer or treadmill when used as a treadmill and elliptical combo. It includes a power incline level that can be adjusted from 0 to 40%. Muscle toning is aided by this.

Because the angle is raised, the focus shifts from the calves to the glutes. Furthermore, when you walk, the pressure in your joints reduces. As a result, it is an ideal facility for persons healing from injuries.

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Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 3 in 1

The Bowflex TC 20 is quite similar to the TC100 that was tested. It does, however, have more sophisticated features, making it a far superior option.

This great hybrid cardio equipment allows a walker or runner to experience the benefits of walking without the rigors of walking. It is less likely to cause harm than a treadmill. This allows you to burn calories 2.5 times quicker than you would on an elliptical or treadmill.

The TC20, like the TC100, is a three-in-one elliptical that combines a stair climber, treadmill, and elliptical trainer. It has a bigger set of treadles that move up and down to use the treadmill-elliptical hybrid’s many benefits.

The highest speed of the TC20 is 4.5 mph, with a minimum speed of 0.5 mph. This is also enough for more advanced walkers.

Bluetooth compatibility enables you to sync your workout data to your smartphone. The console includes a bright LCD screen that allows you to keep track of your fitness objectives. In contrast to the TC100, which only offers two configurable profiles, this variant has four. There are also five pre-programmed workouts, a cup holder, and a charger.

It’s no surprise that this treadmill is one of the finest elliptical treadmills on the market with all of these features.

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Treadmill and Elliptical Combo Machine Benefits and Drawbacks

Have you explored combining the benefits of a treadmill with an elliptical machine to create a low-impact workout? Because of the knee and joint problems, many people opt for an elliptical machine instead of a treadmill. Many individuals, however, believe that an elliptical machine does not have the same fat-burning potential as a treadmill.

Treadmills, elliptical machines, and, in most cases, a stepper are combined into highly effective low-impact hybrid training equipment to provide a multi-dimensional workout experience.

Elliptical treadmill combination machines provide good exercise and burn more calories in the same period of time as separate machines.

Benefits of Treadmill-Elliptical Combo Machine

Aerobic training and muscular endurance are best done on exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. According to the Harvard School of Public Medicine, vigorous riding on a stationary bike burns around 780 calories per hour, while an elliptical burns approximately 670 calories per hour.

If you run 5 mph on a treadmill, you’ll burn around 600 calories. Walking at a moderate pace of 3.5 mph burns around 150 calories in 30 minutes, whereas riding an exercise bike at a moderate pace burns about 520 calories.

On the elliptical and treadmill, participants had equal oxygen intake and energy expenditure, according to research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Participants using the elliptical machine, on the other hand, had higher heart rates.

In certain respects, one machine can compensate for the shortcomings of the other. The two machines working together will offer you two distinct benefits.

For example, an elliptical machine provides a low-impact workout that is easy on your joints and spine. Many elliptical machines also include moving grips, which provide an upper-body exercise.

Treadmills, on the other hand, are beneficial for training for a running race. They also assist in moving your body in a more natural manner than an elliptical machine.

Cross-training allows you to get the benefits of both an elliptical machine and a treadmill in one session. The elliptical portion provides greater flexion from the analysis, and it can be a bending action compared to walking, on the back, knees, pelvis, hips, and thighs, according to research published in the journal Physical Therapy in December 2009.

Walking or running on a treadmill, however, gives more ankle flexion than the elliptical machine. Cross-training can also help you avoid overworking specific parts of your body.

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Users do not have to be concerned about growing bored or fatigued by the same repetitive action. They may use the combo machine to run, walk, climb, or cycle, and it can be customized to match the trainee’s specific training needs and physical abilities.

Drawbacks of Treadmill-Elliptical Combo Machine

With an average price of $2,500, cross-trainers are far more expensive than premium treadmills. For some, it may cost as much as $10,000. And the hefty structure of the machine is less than suitable for tiny areas.

Additional training programs or even basic entertainment choices are not available on cross-trainers because they are built for basic functions.

Which Hybrid Machine Should You Choose?

Hybrid machines are gaining popularity these days since they allow individuals to exercise different muscle groups and vary their routines without needing to utilize numerous cardio machines as they once did.

All of the big brands are embracing hybrid technology. NordicTrack’s famous FreeStride Trainers, ProForm’s Hybrid and new HIIT Trainers, Sole Fitness’ Steppers and Striders, and Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainers are just a few of the options.

All of these exercise machines have some mix of a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper, allowing you to change up your routine from day to day and maximizing your results.

The Bowflex TreadClimbers come the closest to a true treadmill feel of all of the hybrid treadmills, which is why we’ve included them on this list of the best hybrid treadmills.

The belt on these machines is sliced straight down the middle, giving them the appearance of a very tiny regular treadmill. The display is the same, and you have armbars to grip when exercising.

Other Hybrid Cardio Machine Alternatives

Apart from the well-known Bowflex TreadClimbers, Bowflex also produces the Max Trainer, an elliptical/stepper combination, and the new LateralX machine, which adds a lateral component to the usual elliptical action.

The NordicTrack FreeStride Trainers are ellipticals with longer stride lengths that allow you to run like you’re on a treadmill. Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainers, which are essentially commercial-quality versions of the FreeStride Trainers, are on the more commercial end of the spectrum.

So, when it comes to cardio equipment, you have a lot of options these days. You may select between a standard treadmill, elliptical, or stepper, or a machine that combines the features of two or even three of these machines.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Which One Should You Choose?

Utilizing both a treadmill and an elliptical machine for your training regimen has certain advantages over using only one piece of equipment. Some people may determine that one machine is far more beneficial to them than the other for certain requirements or goals, but in general, both machines may offer you a more well-rounded routine.

This is because each machine has certain advantages over the others, and combining the two maximizes those advantages.

When Should You Use a Treadmill?

Exercising on the treadmill a few times a week might be a game-changer in terms of strength and endurance. If you’re preparing for a race, two to three days on the treadmill is a fantastic method to track speed and incline runs.

The treadmill may help you push past your limits in ways that the elliptical can’t, and it can compel you to work harder. Pushing the floor requires a tremendous amount of energy.

When Should You Use an Elliptical?

An elliptical can provide excellent mending and low-impact workouts for those who need a day off from jogging. The elliptical will allow you to maintain the cardiovascular advantages of a tough workout while reducing the stress on your joints. This might be a useful tool for runners who wish to avoid injury or just combine their exercise regimen.

While the elliptical cannot replace running on a treadmill or outside, injured people or those who have a knee problem may benefit from it. The elliptical gives you a full-body, low-impact workout while also giving your joints a break. Moving the body in a different way also helps to create some equilibrium.

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