Can I Keep a Treadmill Outside?

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We have seen treadmills in gyms, at our homes, basements, and even our balconies. But have you seen someone keep their treadmill outside?

Though not many manufacturers recommend keeping the treadmills outdoors, in reality, it is possible quite easily.

Working out inside the comfort of our home sounds good, saves much time, and makes it easier to work out during any time of the day.

Wouldn’t it be better when we can enjoy the cool breeze and the fresh air outside while we run furiously on the treadmill to lose weight or practice for our races?

It is ok to keep the treadmill outside only if it rests safely on a covered area and a leveled surface.

The area where the machine is placed must be maintained clean, the machine must be lubricated whenever needed, and a good treadmill cover will provide better protection to the machine.

The guide below provides simple but effective tips to keep the treadmill outside but maintain its functionality intact without ruining the machine’s durability.

Find the Right Spot Using an Awning

Before deciding anything, the first thing is whether or not we can keep the treadmill outside, mainly based on the outdoor space availability.

The best choice is to choose an outdoor space that has an awning. Availability of an awning is a guarantee against snow, rain, and other weather-related conditions throughout the year.

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Generally, treadmills absorb more moisture and retain them. Hence, there are higher possibilities of electrical damage when placed outdoors.

Besides this, the awning also offers protection against the sun, failing which several consequences are imposed on the machine (new or old):

Melting: overexposure to the sun can result in overheating of the manual and electronic parts that might start melting thereon

Cracking: sometimes, too much heat can cause cracking of treadmill parts, thereby making the machine useless

Sun bleaching: Don’t be surprised, but the treadmill is at risk for light spots due to overexposure to sunlight which threatens the machine’s performance and quality

The awning could be anything—either a concrete patio with a large carport awning or a backyard deck with a hand-built awning that uses natural materials; placing the treadmill under an awning offers protection to the machine when left outdoors.

Place the Machine on a Level Surface

Besides an awning, another important factor to consider when we plan to keep the treadmill outdoors is the availability of a level surface.

Ensure to keep the treadmill on a level surface that’s doesn’t contain grass, foliage, rocks, and other debris for reasons such as:

Longevity: When treadmills are kept on uneven surfaces or rocky ones, there are higher chances of the machine moving back and forth, likelier when the machine is in use. Placing the treadmill on a flat surface avoids long-term damage to the belt.

Safety: Keeping the machine in a flat area ensures that the machine doesn’t shake, which could otherwise lead to slips and falls.

For those who don’t have a level area outside the home, it is always possible to do a DIY ground leveling and concrete pouring project.

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Else, hire a local contractor to level the spot for keeping the machine.

Clean the Area Frequently

Another main concern that we face while shifting the treadmill outdoors involves keeping the area around cleanly.

It is often seen that treadmills kept outside gather more dust, pollen, and other plan materials frequently.

To avoid such piling up of dust, ensure to clean the treadmill using non-toxic dish soap or simply using a rag with clean water helps to remove all the dust clinging onto the treadmill.

There are chances that abundant leaves pile up around the treadmill belt during the Autumn season. If that’s the case, keep cleaning the belt and the treadmill area frequently.

Using screwdrivers, any long tool or stick to remove any grime that gets tangled onto the treadmill’s crevices, corners, or belt entry points helps in maintaining the machine neatly and cleanly.

Purchase a Treadmill Cover

Above all, getting hold of a treadmill cover is a sure-shot way to protect the treadmill from the rocky outdoors.

Purchase a good-quality cover that offers UV protection, drawstring bottom, comes with a zipper that has Velcro zipper latch, is waterproof, and guarantees resistance against mildew.

For those very particular about the treadmill cover, you can always get it custom-made. Such covers come with locking capacities to protect against thefts.

Keep the Belt Lubricated Occasionally

Lastly, if you plan to keep the treadmill outside, ensure that the belt is lubricated now and then.

Lubrication is a must for those individuals living in dry Southwestern regions that are frequented by summer storms, have extra-hot summers with low humidity, and are usually dusty.

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Though lubricating the treadmill that’s placed outdoors might sound complex initially, it is easier to do when we follow the tips given below:

  • Use a silicone-based treadmill lubricator that doesn’t keep the surface oily or greasy
  • Make sure to unplug the treadmill, loosen the belt, and spray the lubricant underneath
  • Once everything is done, reattach the belt and monitor the machine for 6 minutes running it at 3 miles/per

Once the lubrication process is over, the treadmill guarantees smooth operation for the next couple of months (2-3 months).

Anytime a bumpy or grinding sound is heard when using the treadmill outside, it is advised to stop the machine immediately.

Clean the machine and lubricate the belt immediately before using it. Such sounds are an indication that there is debris stuck onto the belt.

When the debris is not removed, there are higher chances that the belt might get ruined.

Running Outdoors on the Treadmill

Setting the treadmill outdoors can be a superb idea for individuals who wish to train outside, love the outdoors, train for the race, and spend more time outdoors.

Some individuals set the machine outside to make more space inside the house or use the treadmill outdoors for using it regularly, doing it in the right way to keep the machine safe.

The treadmill outside stays safe and works fine until you take care to keep it under a covered area on a leveled surface, maintain the area around the treadmill cleanly, purchase a treadmill cover, and keep the treadmill belt lubricated.