Where Should I Put My Treadmill?

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You should set up your treadmill in a proper space for various reasons. Unless you find the right place for it, you cannot keep your fitness journey consistent. For you to be fit, it is not enough to buy a machine but to use it.

Treadmills are huge machines and occupy large spaces in your home. Finding a useful location where it is easy and convenient to use is challenging. However, once you find the ideal place, your fitness journey will be enjoyable.

As equipment placement affects how efficiently you can use it, positioning the treadmill appropriately is a key factor for optimal usage. If you are setting up your home gym, then these tips will be handy for you.

A treadmill or any other fitness equipment, when placed in comfortable and pleasant surroundings, will motivate you to complete your daily workout compared to a cramped and unpleasant place. So, if you want to be dedicated and committed to your fitness goals finding the right space is necessary.

Finding space for your treadmill

The good news is, you don’t need to revamp your home to fit in your fitness equipment, even if it is something as huge as a treadmill. All you need to do is find an open spot that does not obstruct anyone’s path or be a reason for anyone’s annoyance and comfortable for you.

Make sure that it is not a high-traffic corridor or in the center of the room. If you think these are good open spaces, they are also places with a lot of disturbance.

How to find these ideal spots at various places in your house? They are as below:

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Most individuals find extra open space in their garages as you need to fit large vehicles into them and have them usually built to accommodate more vehicles than we have, giving you the excess room. Large fitness equipment such as treadmills can fit in here easily.

Also, they are the less used parts of your home where you can have all the space to yourself, most of the time. The only thing you need to consider is proper ventilation allowing airflow to replenish the oxygen in the air. You can get this by keeping the door open, at least partially, while you work out.

Living Room

Living rooms are usually not as crowded as other rooms since they are designated for watching TV and seating arrangement, which does not obstruct the view. So, if you can find an ideal spot where you do not annoy the TV watchers, the living room is a great place for your treadmill.

Another advantage you gain by placing it in your living room is you will not be bored while working out as you can choose to watch TV or outdoors as these rooms are usually equipped with a view. You not only keep yourself entertained but also feel motivated to return the next day.


If you can find someplace for your treadmill in your bedroom, you can scramble out of your bed and step right onto the treadmill. You can enjoy complete privacy and peace as you can shut the bedroom door when you work out.

When it is the first thing you see as you wake up, you will be reminded at the perfect time of the day and do not need separate motivation to workout. It’s just right there. All you need to do is hop on.

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Most people having treadmills in their bedroom tend to exercise before breakfast which is good for burning more fat than others who work later. Bedrooms are also usually equipped with entertainment such as music or TV, which provide a pleasant workout experience.


Basement is another good option who prefer to work in solitude and have ample equipment for fitness training. You can place all your equipment, such as a treadmill, free weights, and find a place for stretching exercises.

Though it is not as private as a bedroom, it is not as crowded as a living room. You can enjoy decent privacy and a whole lot of open space in a basement.

Positioning a treadmill in a room

In short, when you want to work out on the treadmill, it should be readily available, and you should step on it to exercise. If you need to clear up the space each time you want to use the treadmill, then you don’t find it motivating as time goes.

Pay attention and move some little things away if you need to make space and create an amicable atmosphere that makes you look forward to the opportunity to use your treadmill. Here are a few tips to make it possible.

  • Make sure that you have enough spacing all around you and on the top of your head to feel comfortable while you walk, jog, or run.
  • Ensure that you are making the best use of the entertainment or window view available in the room by positioning the treadmill accordingly.
  • Bright light and fresh air add more energy to your workout so, keep the doors and windows open whenever possible.
  • If you only have to stare at a wall, put up a poster, a vision board, or any other beautiful view that motivates you towards your fitness goals.
  • Make arrangements to keep the temperature moderate and comfortable to work out by using an oscillating fan or a space heater, depending on your need.
  • Have a provision for playing music as it has the power to influence your mood even when you’re not feeling like working out and provide you with enough motivation.
  • It is a good idea to have some potted plants in your basement or garage, which give you some greenery to look at and plenty of oxygen to inhale.
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Where is it ideal for placing a treadmill, basement, or upstairs?

When you choose to place your treadmill on the bottom floor or top floor, then the bottom floor is preferable as it will be less noisy, and you will have a sturdier base. In homes, the bottom floor is usually a basement where you get more peace of mind.

If it is an apartment, a treadmill position on a top floor can make noise or shake the ceiling or walls of your neighbors, making them angry. Lower floors might experience a greater impact on your workouts and might complain.

More useful tips

  • While choosing its place, ensure that you can easily clean your treadmill and take care of it easily from time to time.
  • Pets can wear down a treadmill by damaging the belt or leaving their fur on it so, take care to have that your pets understand that your treadmill is off their limits.
  • Keep enough space around the treadmill for easy climbing up or getting down the treadmill.
  • If you have a foldable treadmill, then find a location that makes it easy to fold the treadmill and has good access to the storage place for easy maneuvering of the machine.