How Do I Stop My Gym Equipment from Rusting in My Garage?

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Garages usually have ample space to set up hefty equipment such as home gym workout gear, and most people prefer it for the same. However, it is not ideal for such a setup as there is a lot of dust and moisture that supports rusting of the machines made of metal.

So, to keep them safe yet enjoy the space, you need to take certain precautions that help you optimize the life of these machines. Proper steps taken at in right time will give you as much life of the metal as you have them in a dedicated room.

You can fend off the humidity, the major factor that affects the equipment, by setting up a dehumidifier and necessary ventilation. Also, leaving out the sweat on them after working out has a major impact, and to avoid that, all you need to do is wipe down the machines.

When you must stop using the machines for a certain period, keeping them safely stored is important. Another important thing to consider, especially if you are purchasing the equipment now, is to buy the equipment made of high-quality steel or other materials which are not easily prone to rusting.

Now that you are interested in knowing in detail how to protect your gym equipment from rusting to gain maximum life, keep them looking new, and enhance your safety while working on these machines, keep reading. These tips are for garage gym setup but are useful in general also.

Tips to keep your gym equipment in the garage from rusting

You invest a considerable amount in setting up your home gym, and if it soon starts rusting, all your hard-earned money will be gone. It can be saved if you put in little thought and effort to keep them from deteriorating due to atmospheric elements.

Take care of humidity

When the air is filled with high moisture content, it means there is high humidity. Steel and iron made machine’s frames are vulnerable to the humid climate as it is favorable for rust formation.

The prominent level of moisture content present in the air erodes the equipment by creating an acid when it penetrates the metals such as steel and iron. Also, the combination of air and oxygen molecules in water supports the deterioration.

If you are setting up a new gym in your garage, you can reduce the impact of humidity by making few setups to lower the moisture level in the air. Though it is difficult to lower humidity in high humidity areas, it is also particularly important as the higher levels are highly damaging.

Dehumidifier: Consider placing a dehumidifier there if your garage is not equipped with a climate control mechanism such as an air conditioning unit. Since dehumidification removes moisture, it will serve you the purpose of keeping your home gym extra moisture-free.

Protective coating: Polyaspartic coating lining for your garage floor will not only protect it but also reduce overall condensation. Meaning it will serve the purpose of keeping the moisture away. It is especially easy if you do it when setting up the gym initially.

Ventilation: You leave a lot of moisture over the gym equipment during the workout in the form of sweat. While sweat itself is corrosive, the extra moisture adds to it. Though you wipe out the sweat on the equipment, some of it mixes with the air as it evaporates and fills the area, which will later settle down.

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Keep the garage well ventilated and open the garage door for a while whenever possible to get rid of such moisture. You can also take the help of a large fan to get rid of extra humidity by driving it out and keeping the air crisp.

Wipe your equipment after the workout

The atmospheric moisture and the sweat you leave out on the equipment without wiping down after every workout contributes to quick rusting. The salts present in the sweat speed up the initial corrosion process by forming an oxidized layer on the outer surface.

As this layer can weaken the protective coating, it will become easier for moisture to further the rusting process easily. It can be avoided by spending just 5 minutes after the workout and wiping down the high-touch areas of the machines you used after every workout session.

All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • Put soap, water in a spray bottle, and shake well
  • Thoroughly spray the equipment
  • Using a clean towel, wipe the soapy water
  • Use another clean towel to wipe off the excess solution or moisture.

Purchase well-coated equipment

In other words, do not go for cheap equipment that does not come with proper coating, meaning any protection for the frame. A strong coating requires decent investment, and equipment that goes into your garage requires good protection.

Few other options to consider are choosing an anti-rust material made equipment such as stainless steel or spraying your equipment with an anti-rust coating to keep it from rusting.

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Store them properly

Store the equipment such as weights and barbells in a large container to extend their life. This way, you will keep it safe from the moisture lurking on the ground or in the air. It is also better to store the container off the ground.

Consider creating a storage space in your garage for this purpose. Also, it would help if you wiped down the equipment before you store them to keep them free from moisture. Otherwise, your other gear in the container can also be affected due to that moisture.

Is the garage the right place for putting your exercise equipment?

Yes, but you need to take proper care of it to last for the expected life of the equipment. The good news is we have listed everything about taking care of your machines when they are placed in your garage above. Follow them and enjoy your home gym without any undesirable troubles.

How to maintain your weights from rusting?

After wiping down the moisture from them, scrub with a wire brush, apply oil or anti-rust spray and place them in a storage container placed off the ground.

How to prepare a garage for housing your home gym?

Clear the area to place your exercise equipment. Create a storage space and climate-proof the area by sealing it entirely. Line the floor with a protective coating and place a dehumidifier or a large fan in the garage for chasing out the moisture.

Final Words

Now you do understand why your last equipment gave you so much trouble even before it completed its half the term. Else if you are planning for a new home gym in the garage, I hope this article helped you make a suitable home gym with optimal usage and no moisture issues to keep rust at bay.