Kettler R220 Rowing Machine Review

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Magnetic Rowers are popular among buyers when it comes to rowers. The Kettler R220 is a superb rower in this category as the machine has a sturdy construction, an ergonomic build and provides a comfortable experience.

The seats are padded, the machine operates smoothly, and the design gives a good grip over the rower.

There are 16 resistance levels and 18 pre-set workout programs that could perform any exercise of your choice.

What We Like

Some of the biggest advantages of making use of the Kettler R220 include:

  • The build and construction of the machine are sturdy, strong, and have a detailed design.
  • The maximum user weight capacity of 245 lbs is good
  • Rowing machines need an optimal grip on the pedals. The availability of contoured seats that are padded and the presence of a large footrest along with adjustable straps improve the overall comfort level of the rower
  • Irrespective of the space, the rower could be stored easily, as it comes with a folding frame design. The presence of transport wheels helps in easily moving the unit to any room of your choice
  • The console is superb, showing various exercise-related information besides being Polar HR compatible
  • Don’t bother about noise as the machine operated very quietly.
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Optimal warranty offered—lifetime warranty on frame and 1 year on parts

What We Don’t Like

  • The rower has an average rail track, and hence, might not be comfortable to use for individuals over 6 feet in height
  • Though polar HR is compatible, the accessories must be purchased additionally, which incurs extra expenses
  • A power source is mandatory as the monitor is not battery-operated
  • The machine’s outlook is not great, and many find the seats uncomfortable
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Before diving to any conclusions, let’s look at the various features that make the Kettler R220 a unique machine. We would be looking into different aspects, including build quality, cost, warranty, monitor specs, and other features one by one:

Build Quality

The rower has an extremely durable frame that combines both aluminum and steel with a rock-solid build quality.

Stability is never an issue as the front part and rear stabilizers have a steel finish, while the main track on which the rower slides up and down is made of aluminum alloy.

Coming with a smooth finish, the machine looks good even when it’s set up in part of the home.

Don’t worry about corrosion—the company guarantees resistance from corrosion as they have used corrosion-resistance paints that are durable.

Even many other parts, including flywheel and resistance, are made of premium-quality ABS material.

The size of the machine is not large, and we could even call it compact. Hence, we can store it easily in small places too without bothering about space.

Even the rails could be folded, making the size much smaller.

But, as the machine is not very long, individuals over 6 feet in height don’t find it comfortable to use.

Use the pin to lock or unlock the rail and lift it. The maximum user weight capacity is 245lbs.

The machine weighs around 81 lbs and the measurement dimensions are 70.5″ (length) x 20.5″ (width) x 31.5″ (height).

The company guarantees a superb warranty offering a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the parts and electronics.

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Advanced Magnetic System

Using the advanced and balanced braking system and center pull, the machine guarantees smooth and silent functioning. Hence, we could use the rower anytime during the day without disturbing neighbors and family members.

As a rower, the smooth gliding of the unit is essential to help us achieve a comfortable exercise routine. Availability of ball-bearing rollers enables the smooth gliding motion of the unit.

Change resistance levels using the motorized resistance option, which can be operated by connecting the rower to the power source.

Add details to the console and get automatics resistance adjustments using the servo motors.

Don’t worry about maintenance as the unit requires minimum maintenance, and durability is guaranteed—purchase the rower and be sure that you can use it for years without any worries.

Another big highlight of the R220 unit is that there is no dynamic response created. Once the resistance is set at a particular level, the resistance remains unchanged irrespective of how hard we row.


Working out enables us to stay fit and become healthier. But, when we can monitor the progress, this boosts our confidence levels and even motivates us to work out harder.

The LCD monitor on the rower is loaded with information regarding various workout metrics.

Get to know data regarding the heart rate, energy consumption, time, resistance level, strokes per minute, 500m pace, and more.

Coming with a 5-inch diagonal screen, the console gives a sturdy look, offers a clear view of the data due to the high-contrast feature, and has a multi-panel display.

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Though polar compatible, we don’t get any pulse sensor with the machine, and hence, the accessory must be bought separately.

The sensor helps track the pulse using a polar HR transmission system.

But, the machine is not compatible with other fitness apps or other systems.

We don’t get a USB port provision for workout data, and hence, the R220 is a simple unit that’s not hi-tech and fancy.

A Good Rowing Experience

The Kettler R220 provides a very comfortable rowing experience as the seats are contoured, fully padded, allowing individuals to keep rowing continuously for a long time.

Adjustable straps and the large-sized footrest provide the perfect space for rowing for long durations continuously.

Moreover, as the machine is foldable, it could be fitted easily in small spaces.

The Verdict

Don’t think twice but go ahead and purchase the Kettler R220 if the requirement is a mid-level rower. Hence, this could be the perfect choice for beginners.

Coming at affordable pricing and having advanced features, the machine is available on Amazon or the company’s official website when looking out for better alternatives. As the machine comes partially assembled, all that’s needed is between 15 and 20 minutes to finish the process and start working out.