7 Ways to Make Running on a Treadmill Less Boring

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Treadmills let you perform indoor running, be it in the gym or at home. You can either squeeze in a quick workout or go for a long run based on the time you have. Most people prefer to run outside when they have more time, but the outdoor conditions are not always favorable.

However, long runs feel monotonous and kill the joy of workout as you need to stare at the same wall all the time long. This can make your workout unproductive and make you feel tedious. If you put it on a single setting and continue running for an hour on the same, then it will be more dreadful.

There are few ways to spice up things by making little changes. Check them out below:

Play with the incline and pace

Consider doing an interval session by mixing up various paces to add interest to your treadmill workout. This helps you focus on a small chunk of time and does not feel boring. It is one of the easiest ways to help you enjoy the treadmill run, and it also makes you feel that time moves faster.

You can start by doing an easy warmup for 1-mile, followed by a fast-paced pyramid session. A pyramid session includes starting from a 1-minute interval and incrementing it by 1-minute each time and going up until you reach 5 seconds, and then decrementing the time by one minute.

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All these intervals are followed by one minute recovery time in between. Finally, complete it using another 1-mile run for a proper cool down. In short, it will be a 1-mile warmup, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1-mile cool-down where each coma indicates 1 minute gap time.

This variation can also be tried with a longer session where you can set a certain number of miles in place of minutes and run at a faster pace to keep it more challenging. Similarly, varying the incline from time to time can also help mimic the outside terrain.

You can incline about 1.5% to set it to hills mode or few other steeper inclines as you go by to enjoy the feeling of outdoor running.

Plan ahead

Just don’t switch on your treadmill and hop on unto it without any idea of what you’re going to do. It kills not only your motivation but also your enthusiasm to work out. Make a clear plan of how you want to work out, and it can be based on intervals, duration, or distance.

If you are clueless, you can take the help of any fitness apps that offer various treadmill workout session plans. Print out the plan and place it where you can easily see it. By planning out your workout, you provide a goal for your mind to pursue. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment once you’re done.

Refresh your view

If your treadmill faces a bare wall, try changing the view by placing it near a window allowing you to see outside. You can get to see some greenery or action while you work out. Also, make sure to keep your doors and windows open, letting in the fresh breeze.

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Pick your entertainment

You can listen to some motivating music that can make your steps rhythmic and feel like you are dancing on your treadmill. If you’re not a music person, then try listening to an audiobook or a podcast.

Otherwise, you can catch up on your favorite shows by simply hooking up your tablet whatever you do, just break the silence and fill it up with some form of entertainment that keeps you going.

Reward yourself

You can promise yourself some special rewards for completing a full treadmill workout. Try to keep your rewards healthy in food as treating yourself to junk food will waste your efforts. It may not be food only but anything you love, which enhances your interest to keep working.

Stop watching your screen

Try this little trick next time and check if it works for you. Hide your screen after setting a timer for the length of time you want to work out. Now just start working out, and you will be surprised when the timer beeps as you have completed the session successfully without any stress.

It works because most individuals keep watching their screens and feel dissatisfied at the speed they’re running, leading to stress and demotivation. When the pause button is accessible, you feel more tempted to hit it. As you eliminate both these possibilities, there are higher chances of success.

Utilize virtual training

Try virtual training options such as Zwift, which will allow you to connect with other runners worldwide in real-time to run together. Even if your treadmill is not an advanced model, you can still connect using foot pods or smart shoes. Zwift runs on a tablet, phone, or smart TV.

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