Best Compact Pieces of Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

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There is no denying that we all love to work out in the comfort of our homes, but not all of us can afford much space for setting up many of the exercise equipment.

But, should we sacrifice our wish just because of lack of room space? No!

If you are one of those who suffers from lack of much space, then you have landed upon the right article.

Here, we will be discussing some of the best compact exercise equipment for small spaces that provide maximum workout benefits.

Vibration Plate

The very mention of the word Vibration Plate triggers a sense of joy in many of us. This piece of equipment is small and compact but doesn’t compromise on any aspects needed to provide a full-body workout.

But, ample negative comments surround the vibrator plates, and the machine is even proposed as a scam by many.

Sadly, the vibration plates’ negativity is due to how they have been portrayed—for instance, many advertise them as a magic solution for weight loss.

As we know, there is no magic behind weight loss. The solution to slim down is in the diet that we follow and the exercise we do.

So, there is no surprise when many are repelled by vibration plates initially. But, if we dig deeper reading about the science behind their operation and mechanism involved, we would surely realize that they are the perfect solution to provide a whole-body workout in a short time.

As the plate keeps transmitting vibrations to the body, our balance is challenged, and we are forced to work hard on maintaining it.

Hence, all the muscles are activated to prevent slippages and keep our bodies balanced.

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Known as deep muscles, the muscles activated are not visible to the naked eye but stay deep inside the body, unlike our biceps and triceps.

Surprisingly, though the deep muscles compose 40% of the total muscle mass, they aren’t activated with regular exercises performed at the gym.

But, using the vibration plate is a great workout for these muscles when we do pushups, squats, or anything else on it.

As multiple muscles are targeted simultaneously, the body expels greater energy making the exercise session better efficient and advantageous.

So, it comes as no surprise when we say that it’s possible to burn ample calories using this piece of exercise equipment.

Besides all these benefits, as the plate saves space owing to its small size, it’s possible to fit it in any small home.

If you suffer from space crunch but would like to purchase a piece of small equipment for daily use, don’t forget to look into the vibration plate.

Dumbbells: Small yet Powerful Exercise Equipment that Helps Us Rock the Exercise World

We have always looked into dumbbells as a part of the exercise routine at the gym. They are stacked in the corner somewhere, but this doesn’t mean that the dumbbells provide ample opportunities for staying fit as a piece of standalone equipment.

It’s not wrong to call the dumbbells a small gym in itself as we can workout full-body benefits simply by using two bars that come with different-sized weight plates.

So, besides the vibration plate, we can invest in a good pair of dumbbells. Using both helps us perform exercises such as biceps curls and lunges with weights on the vibration plate. Such combinations are highly effective in becoming fitter.

Resistance Bands

Yet another very good compact exercise equipment that fits our needs are resistance bands. The bands are compact yet designed smartly to be maximum useful for small spaces.

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Make utmost use of the resistance bands, attaching them to the doors and using them for the workout. The bands don’t occupy much space requiring as much space as only what’s needed by the body for performing exercises.

Hence, they are much similar to dumbbells and vibration plates when comparing the space occupied.

Another amazing feature of these bands is that the resistance increases as the band’s length increases—this requires the muscles to adjust to varying stimuli, again and again, making the workout extremely effective and challenging.

Above all, the bands don’t weigh much, unlike dumbbells that can be heavy or light depending on their weight.

Carry the resistance bands in the suitcase, backpack, or anything else, achieving daily workout requirements without missing any even while traveling.

Be on vacation or stay in the most compact home. The resistance bands come to the rescue every time you feel like exercising.

What Are the Space Requirements for Cardio Equipment?

Though we have spoken about compact home gym equipment, surely many individuals still are possessed by the love for cardio machines such as ellipticals and treadmills.

How much space does this equipment occupy precisely, and is it possible to set them in small homes that suffer from space restrictions?

Don’t worry if the room is spacious. We needn’t compromise on cardio exercise workouts as there is a perfect to this.

To facilitate the use of cardio fitness equipment in compact homes, many manufacturers have come up with foldable cardio equipment models specially designed for small spaces,

We will not only need a smaller space for setting the machine and using it, but it could also be set in a space-saving way later.

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Let’s look at the average measurement of most some of the most popular cardio equipment models:

Exercise Machine Size Occupied when Unfolded Size Occupied when Folded
Treadmill 55 inches x25 inches x60 inches 55 inches x25 inches x25 inches
Elliptical 63 inches x25 inches x55 inches 63 inches x25 inches x45 inches
Stationary Bike 48 inches x18 inches x35 inches 52 inches x18 inches x16 inches

It is indeed delightful that there are foldable treadmill options available in the market, but we must also be careful when choosing such exercise equipment as some of the models offer limited functionality.

To avoid such glitches, manufacturers should choose high-quality products that assure durability and long-lastingness.

Final Thoughts

A home gym is a popular choice, and there are more and more individuals opting to set up a full-fledged home gym in the comfort of their homes.

Exercise equipment is a great means to provide a complete workout for the whole body. Installing our preferred equipment in our home gym gives us the independence to exercise as per our requirements to fulfill personalized goals.

Also, we can choose equipment that is compact and doesn’t occupy much space when we suffer from space restrictions.

To satisfy these requirements, going for a vibration plate is one of the best choices.

Besides this, we could always choose the dumbbells that function as a small gym by themselves.

If cardio equipment is your choice, don’t hesitate to opt for the stationary bike or any other cardio machine that could be folded.

Whatever might be the choice, ensure that you note down all requirements, including space availability, your budget, and fitness goals, before going for any exercise equipment.

Have fun using the compact equipment in creative ways, exercise as per your wish, and reap fitness goals using them in your small but smart homes.