What Is the Best Exercise Machines for the Glutes?

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We have often heard of the term glutes. The trainer at the gym focuses on toning down the glutes, which are some of the most focused muscles during workouts.

It is especially true in women who wish to tone their butt as super-toned glutes are extremely attractive.

Besides looks, the gluteus maximus is the most voluminous muscle in our whole body.

The primary role played by the glutes includes stabilizing our hips and pelvis, which helps in protecting us from any injury or lower back pain.

To reap all these benefits, both aesthetic and functional, we must regularly perform the glutes workout.

The Best Ways to Tone Your Glutes

Most of us wish for toned butts, and to achieve this, we must do two critical things. The first is that we must work hard to reduce the body fat percentage, and secondly, we must focus on strengthening the butt muscles using strength-training exercises that focus on the butt.

Strength training is important, but if we focus only on this, there are higher chances that the butt is solid and big but compromises on the toning part.

One of the best options to exercise the glutes is to use the right machines that burn calories and build muscles simultaneously.

The glutes are made of three important muscles, namely the Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus.

Isn’t it well-known that the Gluteus maximus is the most significant muscle that occupies maximum space in the butt?

But, whatever exercises we perform to train the glutes, the leg muscles perform the maximum work.

Given below is the best list of exercise and workouts equipment that helps in targeting the glutes.

Climbing Stairs: One of the Best Glute Exercises

Whoa! Most of us prefer the lift to climb stairs, but in reality, climbing stairs is one of the best exercises for the butt.

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For this, we needn’t go running outside to get hold of the stairs but replicate the same in the comfort of our homes.

Many individuals feel that climbing the steps is not their cup of tea. So, when we tell them to climb the stairs as an exercise, they might be repelled by this thought.

But, if you ask why, it’s simply because the efforts are worth the time spent.

Besides being an effective way to train the glutes, climbing stairs promises ample advantages includes greater calorie-burning abilities, targeted exercises for the glutes, and low impact on the joints.

Get hold of the StairMaster, the best workout machine for getting super-toned glutes. Even more, mimicking the climbing action on this equipment is more fun than doing the same on the staircase.

But, this comes with a downside in that the pricing of the machine is quite high. It is generally a four-digit number which means that it is not affordable by all.

Think, and if you feel that a one-time investment is possible, don’t hesitate to purchase this machine that helps achieve the perfectly toned glutes in the comfort of the home.

A Rower and a Toner for the Glutes

These days, it’s common to see a rower at most gyms as this machine is becoming more and more popular.

Still, it is not as popular as other cardio equipment such as the treadmill or the elliptical.

Though the rower helps in achieving a full-body workout, it stands as one of the most underrated machines.

The most exciting fact is that when we are exercising with a rower, almost 80% of the muscles are in action. More specifically, the entire lower body that includes the glutes, are the primary targets.

As the maximum number of muscles are targeted with the rower, this also means that our body spends ample energy in accommodating the nutrient requirements of these muscles.

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So, do we have enough energy to keep supplying during the workout? The amazing fact here is that the body takes energy from our stored fat reserves.

Doesn’t this mean that we are achieving double benefits with one piece of equipment—the rower?

So, using the rower, we can not only burn fat but also build muscles simultaneously.

All these help individuals in getting toned glutes that are perfect!

One of the most popular rowers now is the Waterrower that comes with a smart design and the perfect construction made of high-quality materials making it the perfect choice for glute activation.

But, if budget is a constraint, try using the XTERRA ERG200 rowing machine that’s affordable yet optimal for use.

Best Cardio Equipment for Glutes

Many individuals might find it surprising that climbing stairs and rowing are included as one of the best cardio exercises as these are not commonly suggested or practices.

But, practically, they are one of the most effective exercises for the glutes.

It is also true that other common machines such as the treadmill are also good for the butt muscles. But, in case you are using the treadmill, it is better to set an inclination.

Targeting the Glutes on the Treadmill

Set the treadmill inclination at 10% to set the right platform for intense uphill running—this way, and the glutes are targeted effectively compared to running underground.

Any treadmill that’s chosen must have a powerful motor and an optimal running surface to accommodate the needs of all kinds of individuals.

Apart from the treadmill, the stationary bike is another superb machine that focuses on the glutes.

It is well-known that cycling targets primarily the butt muscles, and when the same pedaling motion is performed on the stationary bike, controlling the workout becomes even better.

Similar to the treadmill, when we select uphill rides, the glute muscles are better targeted—this means that working out in a standing position takes the body’s center of gravity forward.

Do Ellipticals Provide Workout for the Glutes?

We all know that the elliptical is a good choice for a cardio workout, but the question is whether or not it is good for the glutes.

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The answer is a big yes. As the elliptical mimics, the ground’s walking movement, it is an apt exercise for adding strength to the leg and butt muscles.

Above all, the elliptical is a low-impact workout with almost zero impact forces, making them easy on the joints.

Still, it is better to accurately position the pedals to avoid overloading the knees and hip joints.

The stride length of the elliptical plays a crucial part in easing the exercise motion. For instance, 6 feet and above, people should choose a machine with a stride length of at least 18-20 inches. Else, the individuals would not feel comfortable using the machine.

The difference between the left and right pedal should not be beyond 8 inches.

Is it Possible to Provide Workout for the Glutes Without Using any Exercise Equipment?

We are now well aware that it is possible to target the glutes using different fitness equipment.

But, if there are any problems, such as budget constraints or space restrictions, don’t worry as there are other good alternatives.

We can optimally target the glute muscles even without using any exercise equipment.

Get hold of a yoga mat and be ready to perform various exercises that target the glutes.

Final Thoughts

Among all workout goals, achieving well-toned glutes is a primary fitness goal for many.

As mentioned previously, the glute muscles are voluminous, and hence, providing a workout for the glutes is helpful in different ways—we are not only paying attention to the physique but also reaping various health-related benefits.

For those wishing to tone the butt, they must focus predominantly on reducing the body fat percentage and increasing the strength of the glute muscles.

Among all, the stair-climbing exercise and the rowing machine are super options that enable us to achieve both these things.

The treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical are also good options to target the glutes, and so is working out on the yoga mat using your body weight.