Can You Over Lubricate a Treadmill Belt?

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All treadmills require maintenance for their smooth performance and durability. Every piece of exercise equipment needs some maintenance for lasting long.

Dusting the machine, tightening the screws, and lubricating the treadmill are common things individuals often do to maintain the machine in good condition.

Hence, when we talk about over lubricating the treadmill belt, it might sound nice initially. The idea might be luring even more when squeaking sounds are heard or when the belt is often stuck on the track.

But, too much lubrication is not good for the machine and even result in shorter durability than expected.

The question now is whether there are higher chances that individuals might over-lubricate the treadmill belt?

Yes, it is possible, and such acts might lead to greater damage to the motor control board and higher chances of accumulation of dust in the motor compartment.

There are also chances that the extra lubricant sticking on the treadmill might spill onto the carpet, walls, and floors, damaging them completely.

We also have the concern that many individuals aren’t aware of the right way to apply the lubricant,  the amount of lubricant used in the machine, or the correct time duration between two lubrications.

To clear all such doubts and clarify the right practices to follow while lubricating the treadmill belt, the guide below would be of utmost help.

How Much of Lubrication on the Treadmill Is Good?

When it’s time for lubrication, give an even coating of the wax lubricant (when it is paraffin system) on the treadmill’s deck. If it’s a silicone system, these have a spray nozzle, and hence only a half-ounce of the lubricant must be used on either side of the deck.

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But, above all, the amount of lubricant that must be applied on the treadmill depends basically on the type of treadmill that we use. It is primarily because not all machines require the same about of lubrication to function effectively.

For instance, the paraffin system uses a wax brick that can be easily rubbed on the deck until the entire deck is completely covered with a white wax layer.

Tips for Lubricating on the Treadmill Belt

The treadmill consists of wear masks from where we use them, and it is over here that the lubricant must be applied on the belt.

Take utmost care to apply the lubricant on this area exactly as this is the primary area most used by individuals while exercising on the treadmill.

Be cautious while executing the lubrication process, as lubricating areas outside the treadmill’s deck can lead to injury.

For instance, spilling some lubricant on the walking surface could make the area slippery leading to falls and injuries. Ensure that the lubricant is applied efficiently and cleanly.

How Often Should We Lubricate the Treadmill Belt?

The frequency of lubricating the treadmill belt is entirely based on how often we use the machine. Individuals who use it more than thrice per week must lubricate the machine more frequently.

Some machines fitted with internal odometers and timers notify when it’s time to lubricate the belt. These timers use the number of hours worked out or the distance covered to come up with notifications.

But, always take these estimations only as a rough guideline and not as a hard and fast rule.

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That’s mainly because the timers don’t consider various factors such as the weight of the individuals using the equipment, the weather conditions in your residence, or whether some strenuous settings are used for the workout routine.

Don’t worry for those who don’t have timers that provide notifications, as we have certain guidelines that help us understand when it’s time for the treadmill’s lubrication.

When Should We Lubrication the Belt

Physically touching the treadmill belt and feeling for any residue left from last time’s lubrication is a great way to tell whether the treadmill belt needs lubrication or not.

When we can’t feel any leftover residue, this is an indication that the belt needs lubrication.

Before moving forward with anything, the machine must be turned off and the power supply unplugged to avoid accidents.

Now, touch the underside of the walking belt to see whether there is a coat of waxy or oily lubrication. Test the area under the walking signs that show any wear and tear for lubrication.

If yes, there is no need for lubrication. But when you can’t feel any lubrication, apply some wax or oil-based lubricant to the deck area.

Once done with the process, turn on the machine, walk the lubricant on the walking belt, and repeat the same test procedure to feel any lubricant presence.

What Are the Chances of Damages to the Treadmill When We Don’t Lubricate?

When we wait for longer than necessary to lubricate the treadmill, there are higher chances that it might lead to serious damage to various machine parts, affecting the machine’s performance.

Belt and Deck: Refraining from lubricating these parts will lead to earlier wear and tear due to friction and hence, result in a snap.

Front and Rear Rollers: Besides the belts, the front and rear rollers help keep the machine spinning, and hence, more friction than necessary in these parts will lead to their wear and tear.

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Motor Control Board: There are greater chances of dust accumulation on the lubrication if it enters the motor board and might shorten from overheating.

Electrical Components: The absence of lubrication means the machine must work harder to produce similar results. Hence, there are higher chances that it might result in short out of various electrical parts during such times.

To avoid all these problems, perform the feel test at least once a month and lubricate the treadmill if required.

Points to Note After Lubrication

Once lubricated, there are several pointers to consider to avoid further problems at home or on the machine.

Many treadmills are now foldable, which means that the deck can be folded and stored away without occupying space in rooms. But, if the treadmill is just lubricated with silicone lubrication, don’t fold it. Otherwise, there are chances that the lubricant might run down the deck onto the flooring. To avoid all this, use the treadmill to exercise for 5 miles or so after lubrication.

For those using a silicone lubricant, keep observing the walking belt over a couple of days to ensure that it hasn’t completely dried out. The decks are at a high risk of absorbing the silicone quickly, and hence, can dry out, needing another round of lubrication.

Once the lube is applied, use the treadmill for several miles and make sure that the walking belt is coated nicely and the lube lasts long.

There Are Risks of Overlubricating

Overlubricating the treadmill can cause internal problems, leading to damages to both the treadmill and your home.

Check the machine every month for lubrication needs, use enough lube to avoid friction, and help the machine function smoothly for longer years.