Top 11 Best Low-Profile Treadmills for Low Ceilings Room

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You have decided to procure a treadmill for home gym use, but the main problem disturbing your mind is the low ceiling height of your room.

Don’t worry about colliding your head or hurting yourself, as there are abundant low-profile treadmill options available.

The main challenge is to find the right one that would fit your home. Many individuals have a ceiling height of just above 7 feet, while the individual might be 6’1″.

But, if you don’t want to ruin the fitness routine because of low-ceiling height and pursue high-intensity running/jogging routines, given below are some of the best home treadmills for low ceilings that can fit your requirements.

How to Find If a Low Profile Treadmill Fit Well in Your Low Ceiling’s Room?

Treadmills generally occupy much room space, but it is not an impossible task to find a low-profile treadmill for a low-ceiling room.

Some of the primary criteria that must be taken into account while searching for a low deck height treadmill for low-ceiling rooms and apartments include deck height, user height, incline settings, room height, features, and durability.

Room Height

In general, most American homes have a maximum ceiling height of 9 feet, and this means that it is very easy to fit a treadmill into the room.

But, this is not the case with some individuals as their floor-to-ceiling height is far below this normal range.

Firstly, such individuals are recommended to measure the exact height between the floor and the ceiling using a measuring tape.

It is mandatory to ensure that the treadmill that you buy fits comfortably in the space where the ceiling height is not more than 7-8 feet from the floor.

Height of the Tallest Individual Using the Machine

Some of the important questions that arise when you make a treadmill choice include ones such as “Who would be using the treadmill,” “What’s the maximum ceiling height required for the tallest individual in the home to use the treadmill?” and so on.

The average height of the individual, 5′ 2′′ vs. 6′ 2′′, makes an exemplary difference when you must fit a treadmill in the basement or a low-ceiling room.

Anytime when you are looking for a compact treadmill for the basement includes looking out for a machine that snugly fits in a room that has a ceiling height that’s the sum of the height of the tallest individual using the machine plus the total height of the deck and another 5-inch clearance space to workout comfortably.

The height of the tallest user is taken as the base measure range to check whether the treadmill that we choose is right for our home.

To check this, it is necessary to calculate the ceiling height and confirm whether the model is suitable.

Take measurements of the treadmill’s deck height and the room’s height

  1. Get to know the height of the tallest individual who would use the treadmill and add another 6.1 feet to it
  2. Once you confirm that there is a cushion height ([X]>=0) between the ceiling height of the room and the height of the tallest individual using the treading, you realize that this treadmill is adept for your low-ceiling room.

In [X]>=0, X=ceiling height – (deck height + height of the tallest individual using the treadmill + 15.25cm)

Only when these criteria are satisfied is there a 100% guarantee that there is no risk to your head’s safety.

Also, if the treadmill comes with inclination, swap the height of the deck with the space between the floor and the deck’s top position.

Generally, at a maximum inclination, the treadmill raises around 4-5 inches.

Deck height

The distance between the floor and the running surface of the treadmill is called the deck height. If you wish to buy any low step-up treadmill,  your very first focus should be on the deck height, which generally measures around 8 inches.

Else, the tallest individual using the machine might feel unsafe about their head hitting the ceiling.

For better safety, add the height of the tallest person to the total height of the deck and give another 5-inch cushion space for better clearance and safety.

Running Surface

The treadmill’s running surface plays a strong role in determining how fast you can work out on the treadmill, and this feature plays a strong determining factor when we are picking a treadmill for low ceilings.

Ensure that the running surface is strong, stable, and buoyant. To fulfill these criteria, heavy steel, foam, and premium-quality PVCs are used as materials for making the running surface.

Also, the running deck area must be long enough and comfortable to work out for a long duration.


While the basic features necessary for a treadmill’s functioning are enough to help with fitness goals, it is certainly better when we get better value for money.

Secondary features such as a cup holder, foldable speakers, heart rate monitors, and many other features enhance our overall workout experience.

But, the requisition of such features is primarily dependent on the individual–while some might solely focus on a sturdy frame and a long-running deck, some others might look forward to accessories including tablet holders, consoles, speakers, and more.


We love to purchase a good-quality treadmill that serves our requirements for the long term. For this, we must look for a model made of good materials failing which no feature would be useful.

Better sturdiness and stability calls for extra expenditure but never compromise on durability. Otherwise, you might end up investing twice in the same piece of equipment.

At least, once you procure a good-quality treadmill by spending a little extra, you can be guaranteed longevity and durability.

Top 11 Best Low-Profile Treadmills for Low Ceilings Room

Proform 905-CST Highly Cushioned Treadmill

If quality is your sole requirement, don’t think twice about purchasing the Proform 905-CST treadmill, as the very first thing you would notice about this model is its pricing.

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The treadmill is one of the most expensive models on the list, but your investment would certainly not be wasted as this is a low-profile treadmill that makes every penny spent worth your expense.

The frame and construction are durable, made of high-quality steel and plastic, and the machine weighs only 218 pounds. But, don’t judge a book by its cover, for the machine can withstand up to a maximum user weight of 350 pounds.

Whizz up to 12 MPH provides the perfect platform for performing sprints.

The deck height is 8 inches off the ground and the superb shock cushioning incorporated in the machine deck makes it comfortable to exercise. So, running on this machine never hurts the joints/knees.

It is possible to adjust the deck to as much as 13.5 inches. The “ProShox” deck feature makes the treadmill’s operation as silent as possible, and hence, you can exercise anytime during the without disturbing your neighbors.

The Proform 905-CST treadmill comes with an optimal monitor with an LCD that shows metric values such as distance, heart rate, calories burnt, and more.

The treadmill lives up to our expectations in terms of accessories as it is fitted with a cooling fan, a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, and other features.

Another big advantage is that this is a folding treadmill for low ceilings. You can put away the machine folded into a compact space right away after you.

The company takes pride in its model and offers a three-year manufacturing warranty on the deck, engine, and frame, giving you the peace of mind to run thousands of miles without any worries.

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XTERRA Fitness TR150 Low Profile Incline Treadmill

Having one of the lowest deck heights, the XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill is a great choice if you live in a low-ceiling apartment.

With three manual inclination settings, the deck’s height goes up only by two degrees in 0.5 degrees increments, making it challenging as well as safe for you to use the machine.

Though the machine has only a 50-inch long and a 16-inch wide running area, this model should be a compact treadmill for the basement.

Never worry about stability as the machine has a stainless steel frame that can accommodate individuals as heavy as 250 lbs. There have never been any complaints about wobbling or squeaky sounds from the machine, irrespective of the speed of the workout.

The 2.25 HP motor power is not great but is good enough to support long hours of jogging and running without worries about overheating.

Set the speed anywhere between 0.5 MPH and 10.0 MPH, yet feel the smooth running belt due to the flywheel system incorporated in the machine.

Though the console is not sleek, it does have an LCD monitor that helps follow up on various metric details such as distance, speed, calories, pulse, and more.

As all necessary controls are available in the console, it is easy to switch over between any of the 12 exercise programs available in the machine.

The speed settings change according to the program selected, thereby increasing the degree of challenge.

If you are sure of the clearance space available for the inclination possibility, the TR150 model could be a great choice for your home.

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NordicTrack T 6.5 Low Deck Height Treadmill

The very first thing you notice about this treadmill model is its step-up height—with an 8-inch height, this model is a sure winner for homes with low-ceiling heights.

NordicTrack is a well-known brand that’s popular for its wider range of treadmills available in the market. The T6.5 makes an impressive choice as it is the best combination of features and price.

With its small footprint and classy design, the treadmill is the perfect fit for basement gyms that have a low ceiling height.

The running deck area of 20 inches (in width) and 55 inches (in length) makes it possible even for a tall individual to jog comfortably without having to worry about stride length.

A foldable model, the unit measures only 73 inches when set vertically. The lightweight nature of the model makes it easy for any individual to move and store it in any part of the room when not in use.

But don’t worry about the treadmill’s frame, as the company has done a splendid job providing the unit with a durable frame and sturdy construction.

The 2.6CHP DurX plus motor offers a smooth running experience without any noise. Even when used for long hours, the motor has an auto-cool feature that avoids any overheating or crashing while in the middle of a workout.

Run, jog, or walk as much as you want, as the FlexSelect Cushioning feature provides maximum shock absorption that protects the joints from much impact.

Monitor the fitness progress closely using the 10-inch touchscreen console that shows a detailed value of all important metrics.

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MaxKare Electric Affordable Folding Treadmill

Many of us worry about handling our treadmills as they are generally heavy. But the MaxKare Electric treadmill is a compact folding machine with high power but comes with a lightweight making it easy to carry around.

Skip renewing your gym membership as this model provides the perfect blend of strength, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The multi-layer tread belt helps individuals jog, run, or walk efficiently on the treadmill. The running belt comes with an anti-shock system, thereby exerting minimal stress on the joints.

With a 2.5HP motor power, the treadmill performs optimally well, especially given its cheap pricing.

One of the admirable features of the MaxKare treadmill is its pricing—it is one of the best machines that could be procured for well under 500.

Be ready for some challenging workouts as the manufacturer has fitted the machine with 15 predefined programs where each program adjusts speed settings based on the intensity needed.

Speed could also be adjusted manually, and the armrest controls making it easy for individuals to work out using the machine.

Three different adjustments to the angle could be made, enhancing the challenge involved in the fitness routine.

Above all, the deck step-up height is only 7 inches which means that the machine can be placed in a room where the ceiling height is at least 15 inches higher than than the tallest individual using the machine.

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Coming to the console, the LCD console has multiple sub-sections that help track speed, time, calories, and pulse. A backlit-LED blue light improves the readability of the metrics.

But, the console is not compatible with Bluetooth, which means that you cannot sync your data with any fitness app.

Some of the secondary features that elevate your overall experience of working out on the treadmill are the presence of two bottle holders and the pulse sensors in the side arms. Still, a tablet holder, a sound system, and a USB charging port aren’t available in this model.

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Goplus Under Desk Walking Treadmill

How about exercising while doing office chores? If you like this idea, the Goplus Under Desk Walking Treadmill is one of the best low-profile treadmill models as the machine permits the use of any height-adjustable desk that can sit on the top of the machine.

Individuals weighing up to 220 pounds can work out easily on the machine though it is a compact-size model that’s also affordably priced.

Though the running belt is thinner (with a 41-inch length by 17-inch width measurement), this means that the choices available for your desk increase. A 6-inch step-up height means that the total surface area of the treadmill is 51.5 “by 23.5”.

Use any of the 12 pre-programmed workouts to exercise as per your heart’s content, and the speed range available on this machine is from 0.5 MPH to 4.0 MPH. Choose any of the built-in workout programs using the electronic console present at the top of the treadmill deck. A touchscreen monitor helps make changes to the speed.

There are 8 rubber columns present on the underside of the deck that raise the treadmill off the floor. This way, there are minimal chances of friction and maximum chances of working out smoothly on the machine with enhanced cushioning.

Add some inclination using the support feet on the front, and the 1HP motor is not great but is good enough for your walking fitness needs.

Stash away the treadmill under the bed or use it anywhere you want as the entire machine is extremely compact and space-saving.

But, don’t worry about the frame and construction of the machine as the treadmill comes with a steel and ABS frame that guarantees the sturdiness of the model.

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EFITMENT Slimline Low Profile Walking Treadmill

Yet another treadmill that has an extremely low profile and is a definite winner for basements with low-ceiling heights is the EFITMENT Slimline treadmill.

The deck height of this machine is only 4.5 inches making it a versatile piece of equipment for those homes with low ceilings.

Individuals up to 220 lbs can use this machine comfortably and also get a clean measure of different metric details such as speed, and distance traveled heart rate and all other important data that are essential for staying fit.

Walk or jog up to a maximum speed of 7.5MPH using this treadmill which helps you achieve optimal cardio fitness goals, but the maximum inclination possible on this unit is 1.75% only.

Additional accessories such as Bluetooth and headphones are available with this model, which helps you combine exercise with entertainment.

Keep your knees safe and sound with the shock cushioning system available on the treadmill, and this means that the impact to the joints is minimal.

Choose the EFITMENT Slimline treadmill if your priority is to go for a low-profile treadmill that also comes loaded with ample features and is priced optimally. Another big advantage of this model is the presence of transport wheels that makes the unit easily portable. Besides this, the unit is foldable, also making it a space-saving model that’s one of the major requirements of many individuals.

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ASUNA Space Saving Low Profile Folding Treadmill

The ASUNA treadmill has an extremely low-profile design that helps us put the treadmill under a bed after folding it.

Though compact and fitted with a slim fold design, the manufacturer has cleverly made the treadmill such that it can withstand up to a maximum user weight of 220 lbs.

Are you interested in walking, jogging, or running? Then, this machine might perfectly fit your bill as the running deck is equipped with a shock absorption feature.

Such provisioning minimizes the impact on the joints while exercising in comparison to running/jogging on a concrete surface.

The design of the running board mainly exists to reduce the impact on the joints, and this way, you can run for long hours to fulfill your weight loss goals.

Fitted with a 2.5HP motor, the machine provides an optimal platform for running at speeds between 0.6MPH and 8.0MPH.

The console has buttons using which speed levels could be changed easily. Make use of the 4-window display to monitor metric details such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and more. Also, you can track the total step count using the pedometer that’s integrated with the treadmill.

Though very slim, the machine comes fitted with transportation wheels that help you move it around easily.

Secondary accessories such as the tablet holder and the 3.5mm headphone port help combine entertainment with the workout. Listen to your favorite music via the speakers that are integrated on the treadmill.

The device comes fully assembled, and hence, worries over spending time assembling the machine become nullified. All in all, the ASUNA treadmill is a premium-quality machine and the best low-profile treadmill that’s one of the most suitable models for home gym use.

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NordicTrack T Series 8.5s

If you are on the lookout for a low-profile treadmill that would fit your low-ceiling room height, you have stumbled upon the perfect model. With a deck height of 8 inches only, you can fit the treadmill in your low-ceiling room, assuring all the necessary safety.

How good would it be to have a personal trainer who monitors your fitness progress? NordicTrack knows this and hence, has facilitated integrated personal training by providing their customers with a 1-year free iFit membership.

Use this membership to stream high-intensity videos and get trained by professional trainers. There are even options for cross-training, such as yoga, body sculpting, and more.

Access over 16,000+ workouts, get going with daily challenging workouts and track your stats using the 10-inch HD touchscreen display. There are control options on the left and right sides of the handrails.

The 3.5 CHP motor is of commercial-grade quality, and you can work out at a speed between 0 and 12 MPH, which makes the workout challenging and interesting. The maximum inclination possible is up to 12%.

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But don’t worry about running, jogging, and walking on the 8.5s machine as the running deck is fitted with FlexSelect Cushioning that activates the shock absorbers minimizing the impact on the joints, making it one of the best treadmills for bad knees.

Besides iFit membership, the company has incorporated 20 built-in workouts that change speed levels according to the workout chosen. Individuals as heavy as 300 pounds can use this machine which proves the treadmill’s sturdiness.

Still, the treadmill is foldable and has a deck height of only 8 inches which makes it a good choice for low-ceiling homes.

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RHYTHM FUN Treadmill

Have fun watching your favorite series or working over your office work using the RHYTHM Fun treadmill that has a deck height of 5 inches only and could be easily fitted under the desk.

It could also become a regular treadmill when you press the foot-operated design and pull the handrails in the upward direction. A foldable unit, the machine also comes fitted with transport wheels that help you move the unit to any room of your choice.

Made of a durable steel frame, this is a well-constructed treadmill that promises long-lastingness.

The treadmill is powered by a 2.0 HP motor that allows you to run, jog, or walk comfortably. The maximum speed is 3.7MPH for walking and 7.5MPH for running.

An optimal running deck measuring 18 inches in width and 50 inches in length provides the perfect platform for taking long stride lengths. Moreover, the running surface has a seven-layer silicon design that provides maximum cushioning and shock-absorption features to minimize the impact on the knees and joints.

Such provisioning makes it comfortable to walk, run, or jog easily for individuals of varying heights.

Enjoy listening to music using the Bluetooth speakers and unwind yourself working out at leisure. The safety lock comes to your rescue when you want to suddenly stop the treadmill during an emergency. Even track workout progress on the YPOO workout app.

There is no need for assembly, the maximum user weight possible is 220lbs, and the frame comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

With a 7 ¼” deck height, the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill is a good choice for low-ceiling homes coming with a 15-inch wide and a 49-inch long running deck.

The 2.2HP motor is super powerful, helping you work out for long hours without any problems of overheating. 3 incline settings are possible on this unit, and the beauty is that, even at the highest incline setting, the machine should be safe to use in a low-ceiling room.

Speed away from anywhere between 0.5 MPH and 9 MPH, changing the settings from the handrail controls.

Choose from any of the 9 built-in workout programs available, where each of them uses a different speed setting to provide the necessary challenges to keep you healthy and fit.

Follow up on the progress using the LCD that shows details of metrics such as time, speed, distance, calories, and more.

The treadmill is a space-saving model as it is foldable, and the soft drop system helps in unfolding the unit easily.

Secondary accessories such as a tablet holder are included with the treadmill using which you could stream videos or play music through the built-in speakers and the AUX cable port. There is a water bottle holder available to help you stay hydrated through the workout.

Individuals weighing up to 220 lbs can use the machine, and this is a recommended unit for seniors as well as those with cardiac concerns.

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9

Having a deck height of just 7 inches, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is one of the most inexpensive models that are best recommended for those needing a low-ceiling treadmill.

Though a low-profile unit, the running deck has a decent measure of 16 inches in width and 50 inches in length, with a maximum speed up to 10MPH possible on this unit.

Don’t worry about injuring your joints, as the manufacturer has designed the treadmill with Comfort Cell Cushioning that helps absorb shock and protect your knees.

The frame and construction are sturdy, and the treadmill can withstand individuals weighing up to 275lbs without the slightest noise even when they are running.

There are 2 manual inclination settings available, and neither of them ruptures the safety of a low-ceiling room.

Choose from 6 different pre-set workouts, each of which is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer that helps maximize results and effectiveness of the workout.

What’s more interesting than monitoring your workout progress? Make use of the blue-tinted LCD that helps track distance, time, speed, calories burned, and more, helping you progress in achieving fitness goals with each passing day.

There are no controls on the handrails, and monitoring heart rate is also possible only via the console on which the thumb must be pressed to get a clean reading.

As the treadmill can fold up, this is one of the best space-saving models that also doesn’t create any havoc while assembling as the process is easy and simple.

The Weslo Cadence G5.9 treadmill is a good option for those needing an inexpensive model that’s basic yet comfortable to work out and achieve progress in health.

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Final Thoughts: Which Is the Best Low-Profile Treadmill?

So, we have seen a couple of low-ceiling treadmill models, and there might be confusion as to which of the models might be suitable for you. Firstly, list down your fitness requirements, secondly measure the ceiling height of the room, and finally choose models that fit within the budget.

If you are looking for an affordable treadmill, the Xterra TR150 might be the best suitable machine as this unit has a deck height of only 5.5 inches fulfilling your low-ceiling requirement but is also equipped with a decent-quality motor and provides challenging workouts.

If your preference is for a versatile treadmill, then don’t ignore the NordicTrack 8.5 and 6.5 models as they have a low deck height, great motor power, support up to 300 lbs of user weight, and the 6.5 model even offers a one-year iFit membership for free.

The final decision is entirely up to you. So, look for the key features that make any treadmill a good purchase and decide accordingly.

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