Why Can I Only Do 2 Minutes on the Elliptical?

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It is a well-known fact that ellipticals are a great means of working out but unfortunately, not many are aware of their functioning.

Many people remain confused about this machine’s exercising methodology and try figuring out the right solution most times.

Some of the common questions that remain unanswered in most individuals’ minds include:

  • What is the average recommended workout time on the elliptical?
  • I can work out for only 2 minutes on the machine.

Get answers to the above questions and many more remaining on the mind by reading further.

Once sure about the elliptical’s benefits and the exact time recommended for working out, each of you would surely incorporate this fitness routine into your everyday health regime.

What is the Recommended Time Duration for Working Out on the Elliptical?

Cardio workouts are great for better heart health, overall fitness, and weight loss but only when done correctly.

If someone does it wrong by mistake, there are higher chances of facing some serious side effects.

Hence, to avoid such hazards, it is better that we know how to use the elliptical correctly and, above this, for how long the machine can be used.

Generally, doing 150 minutes of physical activity per week on the elliptical is recommended for all—this amounts to investing 30 minutes on at least five days a week.

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For beginners, the 30-minute number might seem frightening and sometimes even make them rethink twice.

Such thoughts are normal and such individuals can even start working out for some 15-20 minutes daily until the body gets used to the activity.

Some would like to start strong and keep going without any breaks. Such people could even exercise daily for 10 minutes and then gradually increase the exercise duration by another 3-5 minutes.

Those doing 30 minutes/day could take a break after the first 15 minutes, which is not a problem. But, once you start following the 30-minute exercise routine every day, be glad that you are on the right path towards staying fit.

After discussing all this, it is explicitly observed that spending just 2 minutes on the machine is insufficient.

Set a goal in mind, start working toward it slowly but gradually, and stop not until it is achieved.

The General Plan to Work out on the Elliptical Machine

While burning ample calories is the dream of many, it is not possible to achieve this until every single minute of exercising is 100% used efficiently.

During the start of the workout, always use the first 3-5 minutes to warm up exercising slowly.

Then, increase the intensity gradually, and during this time, don’t hold the handrails for balance. Only then do we achieve a good workout for the upper body while using the elliptical machine.

When we follow this principle, we can be sure of reaping better efficiency during the workout session.

Anytime there are glimpses of breathlessness, it is better to decrease the pace and intensity. The ideal pace is when you can work out comfortably while being able to talk. That’s how the stride length should be on the machine.

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Get hold of the tips below to reap maximum benefits from exercising on the elliptical machine.

Find a Good Rhythm

Just like dance movements, exercising on the elliptical also involves rhythm. Follow this rhythm to enjoy the entire exercising session on the treadmill.

Add some spice to the exercise by playing peppy tunes that help keep up with the exercise pace even at higher speed levels.

When combining the activity with some pleasure, there are greater chances that we don’t get tired.

Never Curb Resistance Levels

Many individuals exercise for long hours but fail to increase their resistance levels gradually.

It is indeed true that we can exercise easily and for a longer duration at low resistance levels, but doing so will never result in any benefits.

The common rule is to be able to feel the tension while pedaling and using the handlebars.

If not, we can ensure that we don’t get any advantages from our precious time invested in the exercise session.

Include Breaks in Between

It is not essential to take breaks when you feel comfortable using the machine. But, if there are times when you feel breathless or tired, never hesitate to take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes of break.

Such gaps don’t affect the calorie-burning abilities and could even boost our energy levels to exercise at higher resistance and speed levels.

Advantages of Working Out on an Elliptical

A cardio exercise, the elliptical machine offers great exercising benefits in comparison to the normal workout routines.

It is also one of the most popular exercise equipment used by individuals, and what could be the common reasons behind this?

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Better Endurance Levels

A low-impact machine, the elliptical is one of the sure-shot ways to achieve an intense cardio workout session.

Stepping on the elliptical and pedaling away furiously working out is a great way to improve the efficiency of the heart and lungs, increasing the oxygen supply to the body.

Such actions improve endurance and stamina levels, thereby helping individuals get geared up for better intense workout sessions.

Rapid Calorie-burning Abilities

There is nothing better than an elliptical for all those interested in burning maximum calories in the minimum time possible.

Based on the workout’s speed, resistance levels, and intensity, it is possible to burn up to 400 calories in well under 30 minutes. Isn’t that optimistic?

A Total-body Workout

Though all exercises are beneficial in one way or the other, not all of them can prove decent workout benefits to both the upper and lower body.

But, the elliptical is one of those exercise equipment that can help individuals achieve total-body benefits, thereby reigning as an all-in-one trainer.

So, if lack of time is an issue, don’t forget to use the elliptical to bring about positive outcomes in life.

Final Thoughts

So, now that we have understood the benefits of using an elliptical and the recommended time duration for using this machine, it is now time to choose the right model and start working out.

Also, take it slowly without straining too much during the initial days and then increase the pace, reaching higher intensity levels in due course. This way, we are sure to reap overall benefits, both for the upper and lower body.