How to Reset Treadmill Without a Screen?

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The treadmill is functioning smoothly, but sometimes, there is a need to reset the machine.

It might be because of some maintenance work that you have done, some individuals would like to go back to factory settings undoing all changes made, or rarely, there is also a chance that some parts of the treadmill are currently not working for which resetting could be an ideal way to solve the problem.

The instruction manual provided at the time of purchase might help when it comes to resetting procedures. But, if the manual is not available due to different reasons, don’t worry.

It is simple to reset the treadmill—hold a couple of buttons for a few seconds, after which the software automatically resets the machine.

Step to Reset the Treadmill for 13 Different Manufacturers

Bowflex: Use this method for the 3, 5, and 7 treadmill series. When the ENTER and POWER keys are pressed together for 3 seconds, the machine goes to a dormant mode.

From here, make use of various features, look at the user manual, and access them with ease.

When it comes to the BXT series, the machine enters the power-up mode once the treadmill is switched on. Get control to machine settings by pressing the pause/stop button with the decrease button for 3 seconds.

Use the up/down buttons to make different choices, of which the reset console is one of them. As soon as this choice is highlighted, make use of it by pressing enter.

For TreadClimbers, switch on the machine, enter the power mode, hold the stop/pause button together with the right button for 3 seconds.

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Like the BXT series, this brings us to the machine settings from which the reset control option could be accessed. Once in this option, press enters and reset the machine.

Cybex: The treadmill’s motor cover has the on/off switch at the front of the machine. Switch on this button—this means that the treadmill is in dormant mode.

Get access to the setup menu by pressing the “Clear 750” button on the keypad. In case of problems, get in touch with customer service for assistance.

Freemotion: Before doing anything else, access the start-up menu by touching the “i” button that’s available on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Next, press the maintenance button to go into the maintenance mode that’s also present in the lower-left corner. Once inside the maintenance mode, it is possible to do various functionalities such as factory defaults by pressing relevant selections as displayed.

Horizon Fitness: Before doing a factory reset, press the stop button and be confident that nothing on the machine is running. Once this is confirmed, hold the stop key for 3 seconds to take care of the reset process.

Life Fitness: This manufacturer has made the factory reset option easier as many of the brand’s models come with a reset button. Different models come with different features that contain different codes.

To find the model and diagnostics code for Life Fitness treadmills, clink on the link below. In this link, the reset method for various models is available as most machines have a reset functionality that’s different from each other.

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Matrix: For this company, the treadmills could be reset at two stages. For those who wish to do a normal reset, the PAUSE button should be pressed for 3 seconds. To access the manager settings, which contain access to plenty more preset options of the machine, press and hold the ELEVATION DOWN and SPEED UP buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The up and down speed buttons help in switching between various settings.

Nautilus: Press the speed up, 6, and ENTER buttons together and get access to the built-in diagnostic system. Enter this mode and test different components and various parts of the treadmill.

The company provides a detailed user manual from which we can get information on how to initiate the reset process. Once the diagnostics are completed, press the CLEAR key.

NordicTrack: Before doing anything, ensure that the machine is dormant and not in any program mode. For this, a Q-tip or any other similar button must be pressed. Once this is done, the treadmill starts the reset process immediately.

Precor: Right below the hood, next to the power cable, the on/off switch is available. Once nothing is in motion and is at zero, turn off the switch for 30 seconds and then switch it on.

Precor treadmills have some models that come with a reset button, and such provisioning makes it easy to reset the machine.

Some other models require entering into the programming mode. To enter the mode, press RESET 5,6,5,1,5,6,5.

Proform: Proform treadmills consist of similar software and components just like the NordicTrack treadmills. So, just like NordicTrack, here also, make sure that the machine is not moving or in any program mode.

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Get hold of the reset hole/button that’s available right under the console and use a Q-tip or anything similar to press the button. When this is done, the treadmill starts the reset functionality.

Sole Fitness: Firstly, press the stop button to ensure no motion on the treadmill. Once this is confirmed, press and hold the stop key for 3 seconds to perform a reset.

Woodway: The reset button in any Woodway treadmill is present in the bottom right of the console. Press the reset button to reset all values of the treadmill.

Press the button once again during set up as indicated by the mode diamond to zero.

Xterra Fitness: Before jumping over to reset, make sure that no parts of the treadmill are in motion.

Once sure that the machine is in a dormant position, press the stop button continuously for 3 seconds, after which the treadmill starts the reset functionality.

Generally, treadmills come with a reset button or a hole on the backside of the console, useful for reset. Otherwise, the on/off button and/or unplugging the machine can help reset the function.

The display helps understand whether or not the action performed is a success or a failure.

The owner’s manual or the company website also helps understand the right way to reset the treadmill. It’s also possible to contact customer care and get a quick solution for resetting the treadmill.

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