Is Running Outside Harder Than on a Treadmill?

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Yes, unpredictability is a very big disadvantage of running outdoors, which slows down the pace frequently. You have to deal with frequent weather changes that surprise you during most exercise sessions. And you can’t control the inclination and difficulty level as it is possible on a treadmill. 

You get to enjoy the glowing sunshine that loads your body with vitamin D or the chirpy birds that improve your mood, but the hard fact is that running outside is harder than running on a treadmill.

Think about puffing and gasping for air in the chilly weather outside or the incessant rain that makes it more difficult to maintain pace in the skidding roads!

But, on a treadmill, you have no surprises or shocks coming your way once you set the inclination and speed. This, in turn, could become boredom for many who don’t fail to call it the ‘dreadmill.’

Why Is It Much Harder to Run Outside on Asphalt than on a Treadmill?

Because you have to deal with air resistance and are also required to propel the entire body forward compared to running on a treadmill where you are simply required to lift the feet off a moving deck.

Running is a high-impact activity that causes wear and tear of your joints/bones. And running outside on asphalt can cause more stress on your joints as you are required to deliver more effort.

Whereas a treadmill absorbs most of the shock, which would otherwise be borne by your joints.

Running on a hard track such as asphalt is never good for the knees if you suffer from knee/joint problems.

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The mind too tricks individuals into believing that hot/cold weather can ruin your workout routine, making it harder to run outside compared to AC rooms that make it more comfortable.

How Much Harder Is Running Outside than on a Treadmill?

Running outside or on a treadmill delivers similar results, but the course of the activity brings about satisfaction or irritation to an individual, depending on your mindset.

For those who feel that changing weather conditions delay their fitness goals, running outside against the wind or muddy roads could be great pain.

Also, if you are not much inclined towards challenges, the unpredictability of the roads could ruin your running experience.

Whereas, if you love nature and find it interesting to meet various people who share your passion for exercising, then you would not feel that running outside is harder than running on a treadmill.

If you think about the positives of running outside, such as activating more muscles by dodging people on the road/bumpy stones or increased resistance levels that promise higher calories burned, training on the road provides the individual with the adeptness to handle tough situations with ease and above all, helps one improve mental strength.

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