How to Lose 10 lbs on a Treadmill in a Month?

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Most individuals starting on a weight loss journey expect quick results. Setting 10 pounds as a monthly goal for weight loss requires a high commitment to rigorous exercise as well as diet. Though it is a challenging task, it is achievable with proper planning and discipline.

As the treadmill makes it possible to do cardio training and strength training, it is the ideal equipment for weight loss training. When you also take care of your diet, you can achieve the 10 pounds a month goal easily when you aim for at least 2 pounds a week.

Motivating information for those who are heavy is that you lose more weight than the people who are lighter quickly. As your calories burnt increase on a treadmill, you will see your weight scale going down. Losing 1 to 2 pounds a week is well within the healthy recommendation, so you need not worry.

How to Lose One Pound a Week with Exercise?

Losing each pound of weight requires you to shed around 3500 calories. So, the goal is to burn 1 pound worth of calories each week, which breaks down to 500 calories per day. High-intensity exercise is needed to boost your metabolism to reach the said goal.

Running is the best exercise to achieve this level of calorie deficit quickly. You can do it either outdoors or on a treadmill. However, running on a high user weight capacity treadmill helps you focus better on your workout as you need not worry about where you are stepping.

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If you are older, you are at the advantage of burning more calories on a treadmill. As the calories you burn depends on your weight and speed, you need to take note of these parameters and calculate using online calorie calculators.

Keeping note of what exercises you performed and how many calories you burnt will give you a complete picture of where you stand each day of the week. You can easily analyze your progress and make adjustments as required once you understand how things are working for you.

How to Lose One Pound a Week with Diet?

If your goal is 10 pounds a month, you need to lose 1 pound a week through diet also. Again, you need a deficit of 500 calories in your food every day. This distribution of calorie loss is ideal as you do not cut too many calories, which otherwise leads to nutrition deficiency.

However, you should take care not to fill your food with empty calories or take too low calories, thinking it will help you lose weight fast. Both these are not ideal for weight loss as they are not healthy methods and do not contribute to weight loss but give rise to other health issues.

Also, your existing bodyweight should be considered when deciding how many calories you require and then reduce 500 calories from that. Several online calculators will give you calorie estimates for your weight and activity.

Based on that value, you need to plan your diet, which includes most nutrients and requires fiber content to achieve maximum health benefits. As you start eating in this manner, you will see the difference in your weight.

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Get Better Weight Loss Benefits by Combining Workout and Diet

When you keep a healthy balance of diet and exercise, it is easy to have nutritious food and also be calorie deficit easily. Ensure that the saturated fat and added sugar calories stay below 10% of your diet.

If you take bright-colored vegetables and fruits, they have plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. Similarly, whole grains are helpful to fulfill fiber requirements. Lean meat for protein and fat, processed dairy adds several vitamins and minerals to your diet.

You can also intake avocado and olive oil kind of healthy fats in limited amounts. When you cut calories from diet and exercise alongside, it is easy to achieve the goal of 2 pounds of weight loss per week, leading to nearly 10 pounds of weight loss in a month.

If you prevent white carbs and sugar from your diet, you will have ample scope for healthier nutrient-filled food even in fewer calories. As you are working out, you will require nutritious food for rejuvenating your body and keeping it workout ready day by day.

So, adding 3 portions of fruit and 4 portions of vegetables to your plate provides you with ample nutrition. The remaining calories can either be other healthy foods or your favorite snack sometimes when you need some change for your taste buds.

But make sure not to indulge too much and keep within calorie limit as much as possible for consistent results. The goal of 1 or 2 pounds will be easier to manage in the long run and becomes your second nature, and you can keep maintaining your weight effortlessly.

Adding lean meat and incorporating strength training two to three times a week will help burn extra calories when at rest. Protein is essential to strengthen and develop muscles as you exercise, which helps you burn more calories.

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How to Lose Weight on a Treadmill in a Month

Working out on a treadmill with an incline can give you excellent cardio training. The simple walking activity can be turned into aerobic exercise by doing uphill workouts on the treadmill. Greater calories are burnt in a short time using such activity.

Daily exercise is a must to lose 10 pounds a month. It might not be possible to walk outdoors every day due to weather conditions or some other reasons. Also, you cannot find a perfect slope to walk for a long time outdoors. Privacy is another issue.

Treadmill addresses all such issues, and it is available to you 24/7 without onlookers disturbing you. You can set the perfect incline whenever you need. It is also possible to keep liquids handy to rehydrate and enjoy some entertainment such as TV or virtual walk paths when using a treadmill. A treadmill with entertainment element will bring more fun to your workout and keep you motivated.

Remember to continue exercising even after reaching your weight loss goal. It might require some modification to your plan but keep exercising to maintain a healthy weight. Maintain a journal and note your diet plan, exercise routine, and weight values from time to time.

With determination, you can achieve your aspired weight. Healthy weight improves your stamina, provides quality sleep, and makes you less prone to general illnesses.

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