How to Prevent Treadmill from Tripping Breaker? [Reasons and Solutions]

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We use the treadmill continuously for hours together, sweating away and burning ample calories, which makes us elated.

But, in the background, this machine is consuming energy at its sweet pace, around 600-700 watts (on average), but the numbers can be much higher based on the model.

Such high energy consumption levels can result in tripping of the circuit breaker, especially when the circuit is overloaded with power.

Please don’t be scared or annoyed that such problems might occur, as there are various ways to prevent such scenarios.

So, firstly, as a precaution to avoid tripping the circuit, never overburden the power outlet with too much energy. To avoid such problems in the first place, allocate a dedicated power source for the machine.

Keep an eye on the various components of the machine frequently to avoid such issues in the future.

Understanding Why the Treadmill is Tripping the Circuit

Every individual owning a treadmill would understand the problems involved and the mental anguish faced when the treadmill trips the circuit.

There is no doubt that tripping the circuit is a common affair, but the same concern becomes a monumental issue when it happens frequently.

The two common reasons why the treadmill trips the circuit are:

Overloaded Circuit

Anytime the energy consumed is beyond the maximum capacity of the power outlet, there are higher chances of tripping a circuit.

We have commonly seen many other home appliances, including microwaves and air-conditioners, tripping the circuit. In this manner, it is common for the circuit to trip when we use the treadmill for too long.

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The two common outlet types present in homes these days include:

  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter): The design here is such that we are 100% protected from dangerous electric shocks, which can result in serious injuries and sometimes even death. The movement of the electric path to the ground is prevented by GFCI, thereby avoiding any leakage of electricity from the circuit. When this is not avoided, there are higher risks of individuals getting electrocuted.
  • AFCI (Arc Circuit Interrupter): Like the GFCI, the AFCI protects us from electrical hazards. Apart from this, more specifically, the AFCI safeguards us from arcing problems (these occur due to any issues with the wires and cords) that could otherwise lead to a fire.

So, both GFCI and AFCI are valuable ways to safeguard the house. The only problem is that none of the outlets are designed to offer compatibility with treadmills and incline trainers.

Rather, the outlets could even interfere with the working methodology of the treadmill when using it.

During static electricity, the GFCI and the AFCI outlets flip the breakers, thereby shutting off the power supply to the treadmill instantaneously.

It is necessary to understand that home gym machines, including the treadmill, use ample power, as mentioned previously. The power goes through the ground port triggering static electricity.

Another way in which we could avoid such tripping is by ensuring that other machines (such as the television or the oven) consuming too much energy aren’t connected to the same power outlet at the same time when someone is using the treadmill.

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When purchasing a machine, the high horsepower ratings lure our attention, but buyers fail to understand that such horsepower needs more electricity to work effectively.

Machines such as the treadmill require even more power while going on inclinations, higher speeds, and when heavy loads are imposed.

Solve the issue by fixing the power outlet and wiring but when this is not possible, limit the power consumption of the treadmill by decreasing the acceleration and load.

Treadmill Issues

At times, issues with the treadmill can lead to tripping of the circuit, which can lead to an overload of the circuit.

The problem is more common when the treadmill has an old conveyor belt as the machine works harder than usual, leading to circuit tripping.

So, if we have an older treadmill, it is common to tripping a circuit. Again, if the machine is a second-hand piece of equipment or used for long, there are higher chances of tripping a circuit.

Some of the other common problems that can lead to tripping of the circuit include:

  • Problems with the power cord
  • Imposing excessive weight on the treadmill
  • Failing to lubricate the machine
  • Dead short in the treadmill

Ways to Avoid Tripping a Circuit on the Treadmill

We use GFCI outlets in garages and outdoor spaces, while AFCI outlets are better suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

So, if there are risks of tripping, it is advisable to move the machine to a different power source.

But, generally, most residences have AFCI outlets that are compliant with building codes.

After trying various solutions, if the problem persists, it is better to get in touch with an electrician to fix the issue.

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The common solutions given might include using a different treadmill model or a power outlet.

Else, some other individuals use a surge protector to avoid overloads.

Besides all these, check for any signs of problems with the treadmill as they can tripping the circuit.

For this, it is recommended that you turn on the machine and keenly observe the various components such as the belt, console, wires, etc.

It is also better to create a dedicated circuit for the treadmill by doing some wiring-related work to avoid problems.

How to Create a Dedicated Circuit for the Treadmill

Making sure that the power outlet is well-equipped to handle the treadmill’s electric usage can avoid tripping the circuit in the first place.

If the 15amp outlet doesn’t fulfill the requirements, it is better to go for a 20amp outlet specifically used for running the treadmill.

Never try doing this yourself, but reach out to a professional to get this done for you, as this guarantees better safety.

So, once the dedicated circuit is ready to use, work out as much as you want, making use of the treadmill without any problems with tripping a circuit.

Final Thoughts

Individuals who have a treadmill installed at their homes usually have experience tripping a circuit, which is commonly faced when the circuit is overloaded.

Also, keep a tab on the treadmill’s functionality as problems can lead to tripping the circuit.

To assure smoother working of the machine, ensure that no heavy equipment in the home is simultaneously used on the same power outlet when working out on the treadmill.

Having a dedicated circuit installed by the electrician is the best possible solution to avoid all such problems.